Monday, October 31, 2011


While every second person is bored to death with Mark Z's creation, I am all praises of FB for various reasons.
1. I got to know people who are head over heals in love with me!
2. I re-gained many people in my life who I thought I can not even dream of being in touch with!
3. I got to flaunt my talent effortlessly and 'earn' some serious and super crajii fans!
4. I finally got over the 'idiot box'-- (the crappy cartoons and wanna-be reality shows helped me get over TV sooner!)
5. I got 'all the more' creative and humorous! :D

All of a sudden I started receiving more than 2 dozen 'likes' for my status updates! And who is complaining??? I am that kind of person who doesn't think twice to brag if I am 'genuinely' good at something. I am also that kind of person who would 'if possible' stamp on my own face if I go wrong on something that 'I define'!
So here are a few of those status updates I am extremely proud of! Get your pop-corns and ice-creams ready to double the fun factor!


12 MARCH 2011, 10.14 PM

"WOMEN are tough to understand"...REALLY?
Let me cite a VERY COMMON situation.
- a boy and a girl fall in love and break up.

situation 1:THEY FALL IN LOVE

girl : OMG! i am soo blessed! this calls for a treat!
guy: OMG! lets hit the bar!!!!

situation 2: THEY BREAK UP.

girl: OMG! plz evryone leave me alone!*shuts herself inside a room and cries her eyes out*.
guy: OMG....lets hit the bar.

(take ur time fellas)



08 MARCH 2011, 4.55 PM

To the girl who thinks she is beautiful, when others make fun of her undone hair
who still thinks she is bold,when every second creature resembling a girl is gettin raped
who still thinks she is in love with a MAN, who is teased because he wouldnt gt physical during a fight
who still thinks she is a son and supports the family in spite of being the only daughter
i am almost there ;)



02 MARCH 2011, 6.33 PM

Mom was busy preparing PAYASAM (kheer) in the mrng for MAHA-SHIVRATHRI. I look at her..I look around...the camphor burning...the agarbathiis fragnance...

Me : Amma!!! i cant wait to be like you! 
Amma:(shrieks) what!!! you already have a guy???? 
Me: .... :/ .....



11 FEB 2011, 3.52 PM

NEVER try to 'define' GOD.....LOVE....and definitely not ARCHITECTURE! :D 
(Viya would relate to this pretty much!)



30 JAN 2011, 10.01 PM

JANUARY 2011 : An EPIC month for me...Every single day of this month is clearly memorable! 
30 Jan 2011: I surprised myself by planning a trip to ELEPHANTA caves at the last moment...travelled ALL ALONE and ended up realising that I am CAPABLE of entertaining myself!!! Now I know I would NEVER die if I am the last person on this earth!!! 
and yeah... I LOVE YOU AKILA!



For more such incredibly crazy statuses, catch me on Facebook! :)

P.S.: My next post is going to be on something that would give birth to a new avatar in you! So wait pannungo#tamizh ! :D


  1. Eagerly waiting for your next post:)!!!

  2. hehehe Those were really crajeeee status updates!
    Cant wait for ur next post

  3. Hahahahaahhaha... Hmmm... Since no one is complaining... Let me jus say all izz well...!! :D

    1 like :p

  4. ahemm..I loved the mother wala :P

  5. NEVER try to 'define' GOD.....LOVE....and definitely not ARCHITECTURE! :D - haha SOOO true babe!!! :D :D
    I dunno how you come up with these! ;) :P :P

  6. :) LAWL, I have pledged not to go back to is more like a bragbook these days...

  7. Oooooh :P Some teaser that...

    And wow, few nice updates you got there girl!!:)


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