Monday, October 1, 2012

Life, death and the Immortal virus.

And Death shall be no more;
Death, thou shall die!
And Death shall be no more,
Death thou shall die.

Repetition? No. Noticing the punctuations? Yes. Is that the only difference? No. You might pelt stones at me but I am forced to say that the difference is as huge as Shakespeare's and Hellen Garner's works. That is what I learnt today after watching Emma Thompson re-living her life whilst battling her insidious ovarian cancer of the 4th stage with pernicious side effects.
WIT (2001). Life and death begin as mere entities that may give birth to a complex body of work with a lot of scope for word play. They seem abstract. They seem to make Poetry. Slowly, they become personal; so personal that there lasts no more word plays or abstraction. Humanity takes over creativity. Feelings take over grey matter. Emotions take over a strong will. Emma Thompson aka Vivian Bearing is the kinds who makes fun of her own misery. Plain cold humour.
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