Tuesday, November 8, 2011

10 things 'I' hate about You

Nasty sis -left;  pretty sis -right. Duh!
Pretty sister: Where did you come from ??? Planet LOSER?
Nasty sister: Oh yes as opposed to planet ‘Look at me! Look at me!”
(I rewind…play…rewind…play…frantically rewind…play…and ROFLMAO !!! )
Ever since I watched ’10 things I hate about you’, I succumbed to Hollywood. Julia Stiles surely did the job! I owe it to you Julia! Such a brilliantly hilarious yet casual yet intimate yet exhilarating yet senseless yet addictive movie shouldn’t be just watched, laughed and forgotten about unless it is timely played as one among the 10 mundane collections of movies on Sony Pix. It should inspire you and linger in your mind and body for a while.
In case any of you fellas have ‘dared’ to miss it (for this unforgivable sin, you shall be fried in a man vessel of boiling oil behind the burning gates of HELL!), the movie is about how a ‘hard to crack’ girl finally gives way unknowingly and realises that she is actually capable of loving and being loved! The father-daughter 'cliché 'understanding, the sister-sister 'xoxoxoxo' bonding, the hero-heroine 'hearing bells' and 'floating' on a thin sheet of air with 'springing' eyes, the moment they look at each other for the first time ‘and’ the poetic lines the hero belts out for his love effortlessly and kissing her under a 'concentrated beam' of moonlight…is absolutely not what you find in this movie! GO WATCH IT! And now for some serious ‘sticking to my topic’ business. By the end of the movie, Julia Stiles reads out '10 things she hates about him'. Read and emote for yourselves!
MR. MORGAN(professor): All right. I assume everyone has found time to complete their poem.        
 (continuing) Alright.  Anyone brave enough to read theirs aloud? 
No one moves.  Then Kat slowly raises her hand.
KAT:  I will. 
Patrick (hero) looks up.
 MR. MORGAN : (anticipating the worst) Lord.  Here we go. 
Kat stands and walks to face the class.  She clears her throat before reading from her notebook.
I hate the way you talk to me
And the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car.
I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots
And the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick.
It even makes me rhyme.

She pauses, then continues.

I hate it...
I hate the way you're always right.
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh;
Even worse when you make me cry. 
She begins to cry as she continues to read.

I hate it when you're not around
And the fact that you didn't call,
 But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you;
Not even close;
 Not even a little bit;
Not even at all.
She looks directly at Patrick.  He looks back this time, morose, thoughtful.
Then she walks out of the room The rest of the class remains in stunned silence.
Gosh! I still remember how much I was affected by those few seconds of the movie!
It inspired me to come up with my own version of '10 things I hate about you!'
I hate it when you read me by merely looking into my eyes.
I hate it when you can focus on something else even in my presence.
I hate how well you bond with my friends and make them happier than I ever have.
I hate how much they ask me about you in spite of so many things ‘happening’ in my life.
I hate how you pop in my head first, every time I think of my future.
I hate how you have made me your avid listener from a happy chatterbox!
I hate how I check myself more than 10 times before the mirror for a 5 minute meet with you.
I hate how much I have improved only after you entered my world,
and the fact that I cannot take credits for it.
I hate the fact that I won’t shed even a tear if we part ways ,
because loving you has become a way of life and will remain unaffected
I hate the fact that these lines sound perfect even after replacing ‘hate’ with ‘love’.

 P.S : I did it again! I posted something irrelevant to what I had promised to post in my last P.S. Fellas trust me! I am working on it. Its not 'just another post'. Its something very serious and precious to me 'and' will be to you all too! So please. Chew your nails, twirl your curls or even tear papers...But please be patient :P
Meanwhile... Pop your eyes out for my lady crush!

There's something about you milady!



  1. Really enjoyed that and I love the film, it's a real feel good movie with just the right amount of drama! Although zombie's rule so it'll never be my favourite. Great post.

  2. Ohh that's one of my all-time fav movies man! I absolutely love it.. and the way she recites that poem, I couldn't take my eyes away from her eyes.. So genuine, so true.. Man! And Patrick was a cute heart *whistles* :D

    Your version of 10 things I like.. soo sweet da.. I could picture you man! Even relate to it.. you're my heroin babe.. haha :D

  3. 10 things I hate about you is one of my favorite movie too..!! :) heath ledger..!! plus the ever so beautiful Julia stiles :)
    now now now.. your 10 things..!! hmmm.. so much love..!! :) what madam ?? who is your Patrick that you have written so beautifully :D

  4. @SJ: Welcome to my blog! :) Hope to see more of you in here :D

    @Confused soul: She seems to be a no nonsense type of a girl in reality too! :) ANd abt the heroine thingy! U r the truest fans of all! :D

    @superrnickkk : haha! My patrick? naaaah! He is hotter than patrick :P btw! why do u eel I should have a spl guy to come up with such a piece? I am capable of pulling it off by being a complete spinster! :D

  5. hehe sooo cute.. I Love the movie myself!!! Lovee it
    "I hate how I check myself more than 10 times before the mirror for a 5 minute meet with you."
    Awwwwwwwwww beautiful!

  6. 10 things I hate about you is a brilliant movie. Ever since I watched it, I've been downloading and watching almost all the romcoms that were released till now!

    The best part abt the movie is that, just when u r beginning to wonder the reason for the title, she comes up with that poem... and sweeps all of us off our feet! ;-)

  7. btw I'm totally surprised that I came across this post today, just after I posted the poem on my FB wall!

  8. 10 things I hate about you is one great movie! I fell in love with heath ledger and hence, when he passed away, I cried :( I couldn't even muster the courage to watch 'the dark knight' you know?

    My favorite scene is where she flashes the sports teacher to get Patrick out of detention :P
    classic no?

    1. hahah! one helluva movie it is man! :D Glad u enjoyed it thoroughly! :)

  9. and oh! i LOVED ur version of the poem man! there is so much heart to it!!! :)

  10. I have had a crush on Julia Stiles ever since I saw this movie. Both Julia and Heath were very good in this movie. I love the poem!

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