Saturday, November 26, 2011

I bring out the BEST in YOU!

No, I need not be your better half to do that. I can just be a really benevolent, grounded, kind, concerned and caring soul who is interested in inspiring others! In short, I can just be ME! ( Okay stop those fake coughs and loud giggles # ego bruised)
So fellas! I am pretty sure when you own slim and sexy laptops and pay for unlimited internet to blog, comment and watch videos (ahem...of your choice), you must be rich enough to own a digi-camera??? NO? Don't wait till your NRI brother gifts you one you misers! Use your mobile ATM (of corz you DAD) and get sexier!
For those who own one, you are allowed to shriek out loud and post on your fb status bars..." Akila is finally imparting her impeccable photography skills with her crajeee fans!" ( or something on the same lines)

Before commencing my lecture on how to hold the camera, the following are very important points to be noted.

1. DSLRs aren't indispensable. You dont click bad pictures because you dont own a DSLR. You click bad pictures because....because of...well some other reason. BUT NOT DSLR!

 2. You need to be an 'oxymoron'. You need to be a philosopher and at the same time a practical atheist.
You need to see a pencil for more than what it appears to be. A rubber for more than what it appears to be (no guyz I am not thinking what you are thinking). Also cultivate the habit of seeing a pencil as a pencil . You do not have to keep sending ulterior messages through all your pictures.
Click a picture of a child for its cuteness. Don't pinch it and make it cry and then caption it " the heartless mother that he has got"!!!

3. Do not get inspired by 'random clicks' album of all 'wanna-be' photographers you stumble upon every freaking hour on facebook unless you consider yourself some random person.Be specific. Know what you are clicking. Dont click and then torture yourself to induce a meaning into it!

4. Bring out the 'gutsy', 'invincible' and 'daring' characters hidden deep inside you! No eh? You don't find them? Well then 'develop' them! They help you a lot in photography. Also you should have a good presence of mind and be over-observant. Not to miss, you should develop the 7th sense in you and predict what is to happen at least 2 secs prior to the incident! (well 1 sec to throw a stealthy look left and right, 1/2 a sec to position your camera and 1/2 a second to actually get the 'Oh shit! I hope no ones looking' and finally focusing on the subject).

5. As much as possible, for the sake of your most loved thing on earth, avoid using flash. It has always played the culprit of all bad pictures. You surely do not want the picture to scream about your oily skin or hair for that matter!

6.  Forget your love life. Haha! Just kidding. No seriously. Forget it. You will have to re-bound with one of these---Picassa, Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and plenty of them!

Now that I have warned you of the essential criteria, we shall proceed with 'my very own priniciple' of photography.


1. Lighting
2. Subject
3. Composition

Light is photography! Its as important as blood for the body, water for the fish, ..ahem..sacred organ for the guys! Lighting does majority of your work. It accentuates the textures, helps one focus on a particular area and make you worship either science or God! (depends if you are an atheist or the good person)
If the lighting is interesting, even Rakhi Sawant can look beautiful. PERIOD.

FOOT NOTE : This capture is a page from ATLAS SHRUGGED, a legendary novel by AYN RAND.
                         Her concepts are extremely profound. They speak about the dark and real side of life and
                         how 'being oneself' till the end is such an 'ugly fight' in this world. 
ABOUT : This is a self-potrait of my hand on her book. 
                 The light source is a book reading point light.
Read more: light-o-sutra
belongs to akila venkat
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

Subjects are the easiest target. But they aren't always interesting. They depend a lot on what interests the photographer and the viewer. Oh wait! I know the perfect example!
Of late, photographers have gone the 'macro' way. All of a sudden Megan Fox's pouted wallpapers have been replaced by really eerie looking dragon flies with a billion eyes starring at you and its segments rubbing against each other and gesturing, "eheheheheheheh! Pray for your life Prey!"
So yes. They found it interesting and I clearly did not. So that justifies my point.

Subjects like these are bound to bring a smile on people's face.
Unless you are assertive of having an impact on the viewer.

Read more: light-o-sutra
belongs to akila venkat
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

This saves you if you are devoid of the above two principles. You might be drawn to abstraction, colors, a set of slippers, or a rolled mat! In such a case, nothing is going to come to your rescue. You need to present it and attract viewers for the very reason it attracted you! Introspect. Why were you drawn to that subject? You will find enigmatic answers within yourself . If the answer is "Who cares! I want a picture for my 'random clickzzzz' album", then go commit suicide from ground floor of a building! Go!

One of my very first clicks with my 2 MP NOKIA E 63
You get the picture now? No strong subject. No lighting.
Yet has earned a dozen 'likes' and comments.

FYI . The first two pictures are by my digi-cam.

AS SIMPLE AS THAT! Good news for you all. Softwares like Picassa and Photoscape can be downloaded for free! Do them right away and start giving a new look to pictures you think are rotten! Its fun! Experiment! Undo all! Again experiment! I told you! Give up on your love life!
Wait where are you sprinting away? Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost log!

All you proud and narcissist bloggers! Your next post shall speak about your photography. For once, stop playing with words and start playing with pictures! Give me 3 pictures, each living by the above said principles. If I have taken this effort to make the lecture post an attractive read, I demand you respect them! (sheeesh!you fellas made me a despo!)
Supernickkkkk can post them in his photo-blog. The rest! Catch my point?

P.S : Remember this date. 25-NOV-2011. The day my blog hit 5000 page views! :D
Cant wait to see your clicks guys. I swear on 'thayir saadam' I will help you improve brilliantly! just show me the results!
P.S.S:  Thayir saadam=curd rice...oooh! now I am famished! damn!


  1. Grounded...concerned...caring..kitna khoot bologe? :P

    !. say it..dslr dsnt click bad pictures..its just YOU dont :P .. hahaha .. u need talent bomb to be able to do dt.. like me, talent-less :P

    2. Rubber? :D .. I've always looked at things, find deeper meaning but nai chalta :( ..

    3. Aaahhh haila.. good advice. :D

    5. is true..

    5. Picassa :D

    Dude you publicly wanna humiliate me no, seeing my pics? Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii :( .. Hahaha ok the gyaan was good.. but I'm still a dimwit.. so well I'll just say the pics are awesome.. especially the 1st one.. this post m sure will help quite a few people :)

    1. So whta now u wont even give it a try! Its not easy being 'my raapchik item' samjhaa? :D now out you take ur digi cam and ask someone to pout for you! :D

  2. WEll.. i havent been clicking lately.. so will try and post some nice ones when i get back into action.. busy schedule.. so posting the reserve ones..!! :) Nice tips by the way :)

    1. dude update your photoblog man! kya abhi! and yeah i am going to see if your photos reflect my tips :P TEST I say! :D

  3. The post every aspiring photographer should read. I wish I had written it :(

    1. haha! of corz you can! our ways and methods differ. so I think you should write one too!

  4. important facts about photography set out in a fun post! wonderful!

  5. You knw I should take a lesson from you on photography. I don't even knw how to hold a camera.

    1. Okay i will write a separate post on how to hold a camera :P

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It really made my day.Very helpful post for aspiring photographers. I have taken some pointers as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ahhh dont thank me! you hve got a wonderful blog man! :)

  7. i really liked the tone of this post.

    and lines such as "go commit suicide from ground floor of a building! "

    and this post made me realize not only do u write well, you photograph so well too. talent aplenty!

    1. Aiyo I yam on cloud 999! :D too much praises I say! :P
      you should chck out my photoblog then! :) click on the tab PHOTOGRAPHY on the page section :)


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