Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The DEVIL that the mind is!

She sat there twirling her hair strand looking at him from the corner of her eye. A bright pink figure hugging tee that flaunted her waxed shoulders completely, a short denim skirt that stopped right below her buttocks and a high fake leather brown boots; she was a perfect 10. None could have resisted gawking at her that day. And there he was, sitting quietly, sipping on his cup of steaming coffee and reading the sports page in the newspaper. She was desperate for his attention. For the first ever time she was insecure about her looks.

Am I over dressed? No No No. I can never go wrong when it comes to fashion. Believe in yourself girl! Don't let him pull you down. Just don't!  
He could easily see her. All he had to do was deflect his eye balls to his right and he could feast his eyes to his hearts content. It had been 15 minutes since she had arrived at his place. All he did was greet her with an incredible smile and ask her to make herself comfortable.
She could not stand the way he remained unaffected by her presence. Her sheer restlessness resulted in herself rocking back and forth on the couch. Yet no reaction from him. She noticed her cup of coffee on the teapoy and stared at it thoughtfully. She then grabbed it slowly looking at him and sank back on the couch.
Fine! Dont look at me! Whatever damned article you are reading about!, her mind screamed aloud.
As she sipped on her cup of poison, her eyes narrowed and her coffee wet lips broke into a naughty smile. She removed her boots very carefully so as to not hurt her well pedicured feet. As she removed the other one, she whispered aloud, "Its a lil stuffy in here ain't it?", and sat cross-legged.
He looked at her with raised eyebrows.
Ahhh! Got ya! My legs are surely gonna bring your eyes down macho man!
 His eyes traveled above her head and looked at the A/C. It read 24 deg C. "Wohaaw! Are you by any chance from Alaska my dear? I am pretty comfortable at 24 deg! Do you want me to reduce it to 21?", he asked her in a genuine tone.
She was baffled! She found herself faking a laugh and nodding her head the 'no' way. He smiled at her and got back to his sports page. She felt like plunging into a near by pool!
Oh my goodness! What is wrong with me? Did I just fake a laugh? You stupid woman? Couldn't you make it sound genuine? Great! Now he must have been convinced you are just another dumb wanna be chick!
It was hard for her to try, for trying was never a need for her. All she had to do was push her wavy strands of silk behind her ears and she would be flooded with proposals in all possible ways. Guys from colleges other than hers would line up outside her college and some of them would even follow her up till her place just to grab the last look of her for the day.
And there she had voluntarily entered his place in one of her best looks ever, and found it hard to get his eyes on her for even a second!
His sudden giggle shook her for a moment and made her realize how un-contented he was capable of making her feel about herself. He had giggled over a funny quote in the sports column. He sank back on the sofa as he set the cushions conveniently behind his back. His biceps flexed and made her weak. As his smiling eyes slowly died and sharpened out of concentration, it stirred something deep in her stomach. She dug her long and shaped nails into upholstery as she sipped on her coffee with a straight face. Her imagination was running wild.
She wanted to fling away the newspaper from his hands and sit on his lap facing him. She wanted to feel his rugged face and brush his stubs against her milky soft cheeks. She wanted to be held close to him in the most painfully tight way and be kissed and stop time! She wanted to smell like him forever. She wanted to lose her fingers into those thick black waves brilliantly blending with a few grey ones.

She spilt a few drops of coffee on the couch and let out a short shriek as she felt 2 hands hugging her from behind the couch. She hastily placed the cup on the teapoy and stood up facing her friend. She saw two eyes popping out and a voice greeting her with a girly tone. Her lips automatically spoke, "Babe! You scared the shit outta me! Phew!",and sighed in disbelief. Her friend approached her jumping and hugged her tight. "You are looking absolutely stunning babe! Guys out there are going to have a tough time with their jaws in place!", naughtily giggled her friend. She silently looked at him with blushed cheeks and found him look at her at peace with his hands behind his head. "Of course you are a jaw dropper my dear", he said with a grin. She felt like running amok and shrieking on top of her voice at that very moment! All she could manage to do was return his compliment with a sugar coated "Oh! Thank You".
"Papa! Don't make her blush now! She looks all the more gorgeous and I cant walk besides her looking like 'this'!", her friend pointed at herself with disappointment. He gestured towards his daughter with open arms. She saw her trot like a kid and sink into his arms. Her heart skipped a beat. Her eyes got slightly moist out of controlling her uncontrollable fury. He pulled his daughters cheeks and said, "You know our precious secret right? Your mother is the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life, but once she disappears into the kitchen, you know who takes the crown!" he winked at her and hugged her back as she giggled louder. "Now I don't want to play the bad guy by delaying your shopping plans! Off you two go and have fun! Stay away from troublesome guys! And in case you bump into any, you know whose number to dial!", he said waving his mobile at his daughter. "Awww dad! You are my hero!", she replied back with a twinkle in her eyes. He smiled and looked at his daughter's friend. "And you my dear! Please don't leave her side. And do keep dropping by our place whenever you feel like doing so! Our doors shall ever remain open to pretty ladies", he concluded with a dashing smile as he sat back on the sofa to continue reading the paper.

Her cell phone beeped and vibrated as they set out for shopping. She stopped walking and read the message in her mobile. "Whose it babe?", asked her friend impatiently. "Oh its nothing. Mom just messaged me asking me to meet her right away! Sweets why don't you go ahead and catch a rickshaw? I will join you in precisely 5 minutes. I swear I won't make it any more late", she cajoled her friend. "Sigh! Fine! But start running! I will give you a missed call once I get a rickshaw!", her friend replied.
She turned back and ran towards the opposite end of the road. The message read, 'next to the telephone booth near the first cross junction of the street'. She was at the junction as she read the message. Out of no where she felt her hand being pulled and held close to him. He pressed her against the wall and sank his lips into hers. She closed her eyes tightly and let him enjoy her body. "Where were you all this while? Man!!! How much I missed you physically princess! You get me crazy! You know it! And you enjoy it silently don't you?", he asked her naughtily, holding her close to him by her hips. Her mobile beeped and vibrated again. As he smelt her neck, she opened the message and read it in a jiffy. "Its your sister. She has gotten into the rickshaw! I need to run now Casanova! You can very well have me later!", she replied to him with utmost casualty in her voice. As he saw her thick tresses bouncing and her sculpted legs galloping rhythmically away from him, her mind said,"I cant believe he is HIS son! Ha! Loser!"

P.S: Somebody needs to stop me from getting addicted to fiction. Especially the naughty and wild ones! Sigh!!! Aandavaa#tamizh!

P.S.S: No this isn't the post that was supposed to evoke a new avatar in you! Hopefully it should be the next post unless I come up with another piece of fiction in my mind that urges me to type it down at 4 in the morning!


  1. Whatever is wrong with you!Get better soon!

  2. You have a naughty streak in you babe.. Lol! Nice one eh. This chick has a real ugly mind. A bit like mine :P. Y do u think I call myself ANUGLYHEAD. but yeh not this bad n shit.
    I loved the story line and I love the way u made me imagine every little thing that happened.

  3. now this was some twisted story...phew! Agree with Red, you're so naughty babe :P . haha but this was cool.. I could picture it.. :)

  4. Luv this story-line and Interesting write-up.Luv ur beautiful blog of thought provoking post.Glad to follow U.Thanks for the add (Sorry I was late in my reaction)

  5. hahahhahahaha.. am sorry... i couldnt stop laughing after reading the P.S part. :D Nice story.. i like the detailing :) makes you imagine stuffs easily :)

  6. @apeetha : He He! I knew you would be taken aback!

    @Red Handed : ;)

    @confused soul : yes! I am proud of my naughty side! ;)

    @Bon Appetit : Wow! Dint expect it from you atawl mam! :)

    @Supernicckkk : FINALLY! :D yes yes! imagine with all ur might! :D

  7. You have a way with storylines girl. You really do. Write a part II for this, won't you?

  8. @pee vee : AAAH! part 2!!! You have set my mind RACING! ;)


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