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"WTH! When did THIS happen?"----My exact reaction when I found a notepad article named 'sweet memories' while cleaning my Desktop trash. I have ZERO memory of having recorded this. It dated 10.12.2005 (I breathed a heavy sigh of relief after noticing the year,given my childish writing skills). Though I am unable to recollect writing this note, I did recollect being extremely 'obsessed' with my own cute and funny childhood stories! I remember having nagged my mom into telling me each 'itsy-bitsy' detail of how I was as a toddler. This probably pushed me into writing the note!

I grant an exception to this cute note of Akila as a teenager, from my rules of blogging vested upon me.

* Before you read ahead, let me warn you saying that its not a literary piece or any deep stuff. I had an urge to share this part of me with my blog friends and hence this post! You can relax and read it with a cup of chai and enjoy its silly cuteness*


I was born on 9th jan was 2:22 in the afternoon on tuesday when my dad heard my 1st cry from outside the labour ward. 
My mom asked the nurse whether the baby was a girl or a boy. When she heard that it was a girl, 
she was very happy as she was longing for a girl. My mom said that I took after my dad.
Outside the ward, my dad and Shankar mama were waiting eagerly 2 get a glimse of my face.
All were happy. My mom and I# me spent seven days in hospital. For the 1st 2 days I was with my mom during the mornings and nights.
I was bathed by the nurses. During the afternoon they used 2 take me to feed some medicines.
From the 3rd day I was with my mom 4 the whole day. She learnt how 2 handle me, how to clean my butt when I peed my diapers colorfully(sometimes green,sometimes yellow----*awkward*). Many frds and neighbours of my mom used 2 come and see me and appreciate my eyes. They sed that my eyes resemble my mom's. I weighed 3.5 kgs. I had the loudest voice in the hospital amongst the other babies. People used to tease my mom saying that, "arrey! yeh tho mic ke saath paida hui hai!"( "Oh God! She is born with a mic!"----again *awkward*)

My mom brought me to mama's home on my 7th day in my dad's Fiat car (*whistles*).On my 11th day, they celebrated my 'punyajanam' (naming ceremony).
All my relatives and my mom's best friend Asha came. Each one had thought of a name for me. My mom wanted to name me SHRIYA because Chaali paati chose the name from lalita sahasranamam.
My dad had thought of BHAIRAVI as he loves the ragam Bhairavi.Vishali athai( athai- dad's sister) wanted to name me RAADHIKA. 
But at last Rajam paati decided to name me AKILA as she is a staunch devotte of Goddess Akilandeshwari of Trichi. Many dint like my name.(Me neither!)
Suju (my cousin) used to like me very much. She used to move my 'thooli' (thooli-ingenious Indian creation of a temporary 'swing' out of unused 9 yard saree----best out of waste types no?)like all elders do to make me sleep. I had the habbit of sucking my thumb. I used to search for a cloth for support and Suju used to run and throw a cloth from above the thooli and I immediately used to catch it. 
All used to put me in their lap and move their thigh up and down in order to bring the rocking feeling. if they stop or if they put me down, I would start off weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I used to cry the whole day so no one were able to sleep. Chaali paati used to bathe me. My mom said that paati bathed me very softly. She used 'kalla maavu' (gram flour---herbal treatment you see) and I used to lick them and I never used to cry during my bathing session ( why would I? My humger was satisfied with gram flour). Paati used to dry me and clean my nose by inserting a  'thiri' (thiri- thin thread made of cotton used for lighting lamps after soaking in oil). She used to powder me every where. As i used to have tyres in my thighs( as a matter of fact, even now! *grinning wide*), she used to put some powder there also. After drying my hair, they used to allow the smokes of saamrani ( idea what you call that in english...why cant you all learn Tamil??seriously!) over me as it kills all my germs.

........and I ended it JUST LIKE THAT! :O
I was as restless THEN as I am NOW! Somethings will never change I guess!
Just to give an 'awwwwwwww' ending to this post, let me share a 'close to my heart' picture with you.

Me in the center (notice the car size tyres) flanked by my two cousins Sujata (left) and Shweta (right). The other 2 were our colony frds.

P.S : I still ask amma to cuddle me the way she did when I was a toddler. And guess what her reaction is???  * THU!* (spittings of India I say!)


  1. awww! :) Its so much fun to read olllld random letters or diaries..
    Soo sweet and i love the name shriya!! :) :)
    yeahhh i was wondering what they call saamrani in english :P .. hehe
    and u look soooo adorable even with the car sized tyres ;)

  2. :D i broke my uncle's tooth when i was four year old and climbed stairs of a really giant water tank! my mom told me all my stories :D

    The Blunt Blog

  3. BTW, if you moderate comments, you could save us some time by not asking to fill the word verification. Time consuming you see!

  4. @blunt blogger : PLEASE HELP ME! i wanna de-activate it but i am unable to! :(

  5. Awwww you look sooo adorable!!!!and i was such a messed up kid!!
    You seem to be such a cuteee teenager :P

  6. Wow, thts sooo sweet :)

    Must hv had a whale of emotions rushin to ur mind whn u read the same after so many years :)

    Very cute one Akila :)

  7. Is it my imagination or do you sound like a handle-able teen? Blasphemous:P
    And aww, aren't you cute.
    I was born screaming...
    And I stuck my hand inside the VCR (later in life)to see what would happen:P

    You get the general idea:P

  8. @RAJ : aaaah! hey you! YOU FOLLOWING ME??? THIS shud be on the news !!!!!! :O :O :O

    @peevee! hahah! U guyz seem to be MORE ADVENTUROUS than me! damn! I wish I can grow younger and do sme fun thing and grow bck to what I am not and cringe! :D

  9. Akila! It brings back memories of the "10th std YOU"! :D


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