Sunday, September 25, 2011


The camera zooms onto the silicon induced, ripe bosoms of Rakhi Sawant. The focus then shifts to her smoky eyes and her 'biting' lips. All of a sudden the musical beats start thumping and she goes on with her usual jhataks and mataks with a dozen more sluttishly dressed dancers. As I nonchalantly watch the song and tap my feet to the beats, our maid absent-mindedly stops her mopping and stares at the TV with an awkward expression on her face. Amma notices her and shifts her attention to the TV and goes, "Ada Rama! Enna intha kaalathula vyavasthaye illaama pochu! Athunoondu thuni kuda yendi ava pottukkara? athaiyum thookki eriya vendiyathu thaane!" 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ANGST of a Woman

WOMEN-difficult to understand,
aren't they?
Ha!very easy to give up,
much to our dismay!

What is so difficult
can you males explain?
when we women express
our minutest of pleasantaries and pain!

Weak one may think that we are,
and thats the advantageous disadvantage for you all!
But proud are we to prove that,
we are emotionally stable and never let our strength fall!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The TESTING times...and the HAPPY endings!

Akila!!!???!!! Bright, lively, merry, spreading love everywhere, too much fun., insanely ringing laughter, very real, such a chatterbox, very versatile, etc etc etc.... YES... I am most of the times all of the above. But hey come on! No homosapien is spared of the ugly side of life...That side which hits you when you are just not ready...That side that can make your world upside down...That side that can steal away all the light in your life and put you in pitch darkness. YES. I am a victim of that too. And I have had my share of moments where I desperately needed someone to just hold hands with me and converse with me through 'silence'.

MUMBAI and its new tag

'BOMB BLAST at DELHI. Mumbai on high alert. IAC Mumbai condemns this dastardly attack.Postpones all its street activities. Please help authorities. Jai hind'.

The message caught my attention for not more than 3 seconds. I looked up and observed the surroundings. A local train had just dropped an unruly bunch of people..A family had settled comfortably on the platform and were 'laughing out loud' over lunch. There were a couple of 'rowdies' and 'corporate guys' (out-beating the number of rowdies) hastily crossing the tracks and jumping onto the platform. From the arched exits of the station, I could easily see the street 'bustling' with its regular activities. People were still bumping into each other in a hurry to board the trains and some were blocking the street regulation by communicating with the hawkers.
I looked down and read the sms again. I let out a sarcastic chuckle and said to myself....

Mumbai - fast life, paav bhaaji, economical capital of the country, golas, open to PDAs, independence, glitz and glamour...and now...a fine target for bomb blasts...


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The shudders of PARENTHOOD

Mom 'losing her shirt' on me! 

"Do what you want! If you wanna come home, come home! Otherwise stay back at her place and give us some mental PEACE !!!" ...keeeeeen.....keeeeen.....keeeeeen...the telephone replied.... :/ :/ :/
I gave a blank look at Swats to my left and a helpless one at Katty to my right. One took my right hand and the other placed an 'understanding' hand on my shoulder...Sigh!!! "WHAT WOULD LIFE BE WITHOUT FRIENDS???", was what in my mind the next moment. Simultaneously, All the three of us broke the unbearable pause with our 3 differently pitched 'hyuk hyuk hyuk'!!! I carelessly fell on Katty's lap and relaxed my feet on Swats'. "Why the hell would she not hear me out before YANKING'!!!", I said while heaving a quick and intense 'sigh'!  
"Babes...You will know when you are in their shoes", came the reply from my 'feet bearer'. I looked at her with a crooked smile and rubbished, "yeah rite Aunty!". She spontaneously pulled my little toe and made me squeal. 
"I would be a very understanding mother. I would be my child's best friend! That way, they wont have any problems with me!", meowed Katty in her incredibly low and sweet voice and happy eyes. 

So who is a parent? How do we define them? They have seriously confused us by being very versatile in their behavior. God, guide, friend, teacher, 'never-understanding' yankers, 'it is my duty' tellers, 'extremely nosy' creatures, foretellers etc etc etc.  Why do we love them? Just because we were born out of their union? Is it like a 'karma' we are doing by bearing and living with them? Too many questions popped in my head at a time and was pressurizing my inner surface of my skull! ANd the following is a reflection of my thought process.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The day the POET in me was born!

2000 A.D. - It was the era of creative explosion in my life. It was raining Philosophy. I was so drenched in it that I became vulnerable to 'deep thinking'. Suddenly everything around me had an allegory attached to it.
A pencil and eraser would become an enemy and a friend respectively..(In case you dint figure that out, an enemy tries to make dark marks in your life while a friend is the one who perspires to erase them all...I KNOW...dont ask...) All of a sudden the 'chatterbox' in me went into hibernation mode and I switched myself to 'I see things differently' mode. That was when I chose WRITING as a medium. Writing wasn't 'catchy' enough for me. In order to make myself go through them again and again, I desperately tried to make them sound poetic. Seriously I was never a natural at that! Some times I was terrific and MOST of the times I ended up NOT conveying the message in the quest to make the words rhyme.

So my dear fellas...Here are a few 'bearable' ones I don't mind sharing with and tickling you ( I am sure this is soooo gonna happen).

Friday, September 2, 2011


As the shimmering rays awaken her in slow pace,
a smile adorns her delicate face...
oblivious of the events of her past night
and what she brought home before twilight.

As her eyes carefully open,
 reality stabs her like a weapon.

"Oh sweet Lord...I cant feel him besides me...
He is gone...just like that...
without a word...without a promise..."
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