Sunday, October 23, 2011

The day it 'ENDED'----- Scene 3-The finale!

I was totally caught up with my last minute submissions and some serious photography! I wont keep you waiting anymore! So after this prequel and this sequel, here goes the rest!

As she landed on the cushioned bed with full force, her heart skipped a beat due to the unexpected phone call. He grabbed the opportunity to breathe in enough oxygen and let out a 'Phew!'. The phone sang, 'Lets make a remember...' with amazing electronic guitar backing. As she fumbled to take out the mobile from her pocket, he rolled on her with a loud wicked laughter almost scaring her! She struggled her way to prevent him from getting any closer to her as she managed to get hold of her phone clumsily from her pocket. He watched her reaction shift from orgasmic smile to an unpleasant shock. He froze looking at her and saw her staring at him with her almond shaped eyes almost popping out. She hushed him and took the call.

"Hello?...Yes speaking?....Oh! Tell me sir!". She looked at him with a disgusting expression but maintained the warmth in her voice.
"Oh sure sir! If you don't mind can you please mail me the new requirements? That will help me calculate the areas sooner and start afresh." His face dropped. He fell towards her left so hard that he automatically bounced on the bed three times. As she looked at him with a crinkle on her nose, she spoke into the phone, "Don't worry sir. You will get it done by tomorrow. Oh no problem sir. Of course of course! Our clients are our Gods! Good night sir!".
Her fake smile slowly died as she put her head back on the wall and looked up at the ceiling with emptiness in her eyes. The room was silent for 2 whole minutes as they sat there looking blank. She looked down at him. His face and body was still. His eyes were thinking. As she cautiously kept her hand on his chest, he sprang up on the bed and stood up, startling her. She saw him disappear into pitch darkness. She sat there for a minute thinking of all possible emotions he was going through.
It had been weeks since they had had any intimacy. Most of the times, she was to be blamed. This job of hers had made her a nocturnal. She almost forgot how mornings looked and felt like! She hated her lifestyle but she couldn't help as she was terrific at her work. She had never refused a night of intimacy. That was because he had never asked for one. He seemed to be the very 'epitome' of understanding and hence never wanted to put her in an awkward position by asking.
Finally she talked herself into believing that he will be back with a pleasant smile after grabbing himself some fresh air. As she settled to work, she noticed the mug of tea with a layer of thick cream. It had lost its freshness. It was cold. All of a sudden she sat there stunned as it reminded her of her own life! She was to be blamed for it. She got paranoid.
I shouldn't let this go on! This is dangerous! Hell no! I got to put a stop to this insanely mundane routine! How? No! I will work it out! 'We' will work it out! Tomorrow, i'll come back home early and surprise him! YES! That would be a good start! We will talk it out later and sort out things! YES! We will!
Her mind paused as she felt his fingers on her shoulders. She closed her eyes and smiled to herself. "Thank God da...phew...Thank God!!!", she breathed, with her eyes still closed.
"I am sorry... I cant do this anymore. I LOVE YOU. I want to continue to love you. In that case, we can't go on like this. Off late, its been more of 'putting up' with you and your work schedule. I don't want that. That makes this whole thing look like a burden. That way I wouldn't be true to you...and 'us'. Of course I LOVE YOU! But I am unable to accept your life style. We do nothing apart from acknowledging each others presence. By that I mean, we miss on so many silly, intricate and subtle moments together! Our lifestyle doesn't co-exist any more. Lets be mature and accept it. Let is not break each others heart any further. You love your work. I love mine. You are mind-blowingly good at yours! Well I'm maintaining a 'B' grade after all and that's above average!"*winks and lifelessly chuckles*
Her eyes finally met his. Her face was stiff and expressionless. But he noticed. She was torn. Her iris was fluctuating violently. He searched for one other sign of pain and found absolutely nothing. He was amazed at her emotional strength. He felt she was too good for him as always.
"Where are you getting to?", she managed to ask with a steady voice.
"I had thought of a 'break' initially, but that isn't going to help us at all. We are destined to serve our individual and totally opposite fields. So with an absolutely helpless and psyched feeling, I ask for a 'break up' with absolutely no second thoughts."
She saw that coming. She had always trusted his decisions blindly. They were always clear and confident. She had always refrained from arguing with him further on his decisions. She turned herself towards her laptop and saw a brilliantly planned bungalow opened in AutoCad. She put her face down on her folded hands on the table and lied down. Her mind was blank. She felt as though she was drugged. She stayed still for 2 minutes.
She finally lifted her face and rested her chin on her hand. The tea mug wasn't there anymore. She slowly straightened herself on the chair with an intrigued face.
"Oh! Good! You got up on your own! I was struggling to think of ways to wake you up and avoid your lashings!", he chuckled and placed a hot mug of tea on the table.
She looked at him and felt her stomach churn. She turned towards him and fumbled with her words. "You...Made it now? I it now? I mean..why? why would you do that?"
He looked at her puzzled. "Answer number 1: I prepared it just now. Answer number 2: that question isn't valid anymore due to answer number 1!"
"Will you please put a lid on your sarcasms and answer me straight for once?", she snapped at him.
"I guess I just did!", he replied surprised. "And on earth, we say 'Thank You' in case you reacted that way not knowing how to!", he said in a melodious tone and mumbled, "God! Talk about being nice!"
"Okay now that we have broken up, can you please stop behaving with me as if we are still each others???", she exploded with teary eyes.
"HUH??? Did I hear you right? I mean I've heard architecture does funny things to people but hey! This isn't funny at all!" , he replied in a highly surprised tone. As she looked at him bewildered, his eyes popped out slowly in realization and his lips formed an 'O'. He hastily approached her and held her by her shoulders. He forced her to take a seat and sat on the table facing her.
"Now I get it! Woman! What you experienced a few mins ago was a 'nightmare'! I am very much your boy friend!"! She stared at him and said, "Holy shit!". He was taken aback by the intensity with which she said and replied, "Yeah unfortunately yeah! I remain your boy friend! Who did you re-bound with in your nightmare? Gerald Butler?"
She slapped him hard and looked at him with eyes full of wrath and streams of river running down her cheek uncontrollably. She sank into the chair, closed her face and wept as if there was no one in the room. He sat there looking at her, unable to believe the intensity of emotions happening between them. He felt horrible for crossing his limits with sarcasms and failing to understand her seriousness. He pulled her towards him by her arm and dragged her to bed. He hugged her tight and whispered, "I LOVE YOU. I am here."
She drowned her face into his chest and held his tee too tight that she unknowingly dug her nails into his skin. That was when he realized what she went through in that 2 minutes of unsettled sleep she grabbed after changing into her casuals.
Thank God! Thank God it was all a bad dream! She lifter her face and looked at him with wet and puffed eyes. He looked at her with a pacifying smile and wiped away her tears. He gently pushed her hair strands sticking to her wet face, behind her ears and let her rest on his chest.
Damn! What a child I am! What happened to all the emotionally stable woman in me!? What a fool I have made of myself now! Cha! Foolish woman! Grow up!
Without looking at him, she rose from the bed and straightened her kurti. She wound her hair up and sat to work.
"Just do me a favor. Drink your drug before it gets any colder", he said coolly as he comfortably sat on the bed".
"Please tell me you are uttering these words for the first time today!!!", she replied in disbelief.
He looked at her naughtily guessing that she had dreamt of it already and said, "Err...In reality? Yes mam!"
She looked at him with a wide grin and huskily whispered, "You are done for!". She stood up and just when she was about to pounce on him, something stopped her from furthering her steps. She turned towards the table and drank the tea in one go. As she wiped her lips in a heroic style with her right arm, she removed her mobile with her left hand, switched it off and threw it on the table. She threw a wild look at him and pounced on him.
The rest is history...Deja vu!

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  1. Siva-raaaaa-tiri *taka poonk(high), taka poonk(low)* thookam yedhu hooooo :P

  2. OMG OMg this is BRILLIANT... you almost managed to get tears in my eyes till I realised this was a dream.. So many emotions set frth in my mind and too many flashes of time, people came back to me...and I just felt like holding on to the guy till eternity... Thank god it was a dream and thank god they're very much together.. This was amazing Akila..And this piece will remain close to my heart... for a lo of reasons.. If only life would give us such people.. I love the last bit.. :)

  3. nice one dai..!!! nice twist.. nice ending..!! :)

  4. This was lovely Akila! :) REally! :)

  5. i dunno what to say? you just made my day!! loves to you!! to make me soooo happy!!!!

  6. @Kaarthik: U shall remain PERV! :D

    @confused soul : awww :) I am really glad it affected you...I really hope you were string enough to have dealt with all those times :)

    @superrnickkk: HMPH! Thats the best u can come up with? PODA! :P

    @Apee: PHEW! Hopefully this one dint shock u! :P

    @HijBijHij : Cute name! :D Welcome to my blog friend! Have a happy stay here and visit as many times as you wish! :) ANd I am glad I MADE YOUR DAY UNKNOWIngly! I feel really good! Thank you! :)

  7. Wow. That did NOT go the way I expected it too....
    Good one, dude. A love story with a difference:)

  8. Love between two individuals never needs to be spoken or expressed. it can be experienced every second we are with that person ! True love, high profile work pressure, imbalance between both is the cause of all the break ups these days ! And in three scenes you have explicitly yet placidly put across a solution for that. Just love each other so much that even in dreams you cant find love. ! Because you both love each other more than you can even dream of !

    Well constructed ! Perfectly told ! Lovingly read !


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