Sunday, October 16, 2011

A LONG DAY ----- Scene 1

As she rummaged her bag to get hold of her house keys, her mind was racing uncontrollably. What the hell was I thinking ! I never knew yearning to earn for a livelihood and independence would steal away all the time in my life! Cha*! As she managed to find the key hole in the twilight and push open the door, she found the TV 'on' and coloring the room vibrantly. For a second, she was blinded because of the bright lights. After a moment her eyes got used to it. He was there. She could smell him. As the TV lit and colored the place with a mind of its own, she caught glimpses of him lazying on the sofa. She found BLISS.

As she put her bag down, she observed his loosely hanging athletic legs from the sofa's hand rest and his tee was accentuating his torso. His deep eyes acknowledged her presence for a minute and shifted back to Roger Federer killing his opponent with his unmatchable strokes. 
"Are you trying to seduce me???", she asked with a devilish tone as she leaned towards the wall.
He looked at her piercingly. "Why? Are you seducible?"
A moment of silence and both broke it with their careless laughs.
"Aaaaahhhhh..MY MAN...seems like Roger is turning you ON more than me!", she joked as she sank into another couch besides him. 
"Sigh! I sometimes wish I was gay...look at him...JUST LOOK A HIM!". He turned his head towards her and grinned wide. Half his face was lit up and his curls were shining bright.
"Hmmm...I wish I was Bi ". His eyebrows rose and his mouth dropped. She wagged her tongue and grinned back. He looked at the clock and asked, "How come you are back this early today?" 
The clock displayed analogically 23:40 .
"What can I say! My boss seems to be smitten by me! Of course my work too! *winks* He also believes that My presence brings good luck and lovely clients to our office". He looked at her with smiling eyes. He was impressed.
"Naaaah...How I wish that was the reason. I had to re-work my plans and draft new drawings da. Thanks to my 'unbelievably indecisive' client! I have carried some work back here. He demands the drawings by tomorrow. MORON". She looked at him with a frown and irritation and found him admiring her with his head resting on his firm hands. The TV was still coloring him red and magenta and he looked absolutely delicious. 
"Were you even listening to me jack ass???"
" You have no idea how much you turn me on by your anger. Its teasingly sensuous". He chuckled.
It always worked. Always. All her hysteric attitude would last only till the door step. And the moment she saw him, POOF! All gone. Just like that! She couldn't take the ease at which he could melt her.
She threw a cushion at him playfully and got up with a force. As she combed her hair with her fingers, her aesthetically bordered cotton saree parted a little and flaunted her ample hips slightly protruding out of her hip line. He was enjoying the was she was seducing him unknowingly. 
"Are you seducing me???"
She looked down at him as she wound her hair up and clipped it. "Why? Are you seducable?" She winked at him and jolted her hip towards him and swiftly turned away. 
"HAIYEEE HAAIIYEEE", he sighed and fell back flat on the sofa. She turned and looked at his amused face with a grin as she walked into the room with her laptop bag.

She opened her laptop on the table and let it run the initial process. Meanwhile she slipped into her track pants and a loose kurti and settled to commence her incomplete work. The room was pitch dark and the only light source was her laptop. As she operated her mouse with a frowned look into the screen, she felt his warm fingers sink into her shoulders and massage them.


Sorry fellas! I am going to retain the suspense! Wait for it! Wait for it! * Barney's style*
I am finally attempting Fiction! I am 'thrilled' by the thought process! I am horribly slow....but I feel really good! I can be patient with myself...Hell yeah!

 Hope you notice the importance of coloring my texts at places. It is to help you relate to the post in a better way. Also, it helps in avoiding lengthy posts.

'Cha'! is a tamilian way of expressing 'shucks'!
Yes fraaands....Iyyam going to help you learn tamil through my posts. Look out for a word or two in them!


  1. You are making me sing SENSUAL SEDUCTION by Snoop Dogg in the highest pitch on this Sunday morning!
    I looove the way u r creating scenes in my head!
    Bring it on! Bring the rest fast!
    Btw i like this guy. I dnt care if he is in a relationship with the saree chick, m gonna seduce him. Heh. Okie u portrayed him so hot!

    Thnk God my guy isnt reading this. He is cute enuff actually. :D

  2. Hahahaha! Sensual posts first up. Always the recipe for a bestseller :P

    BTW i don't know if it's on my comp or in general...the theme is too dark and the red on dark makes it harder to read stuff. You never had that problem?

  3. First attempt at FICTION and so amazing.. Seductive ;) ... AHHAA nice read, I can't wait to read what happens next !! ... turn on the heat girl :D

  4. Daaai.....!! :):) I loved the cha* and hai haiyeee expressions that both say... So perfect with the story flow..!! Dnt worry abt the length part.. The story has a pace that it suits too and its very detailed to create pictures in ones head..!!
    Sooper da...!! :D hum kushi hue yay...!! :D:D

  5. @Red Handed : I am glad my protogonist meets ur requirments of a hot guy! :D
    ANd ugess u shud make ur guy read it...who knows he mite secretly seduce my female protogonist! :P

    @Kunal : ART=sensuous!
    Btw the red color is hurting ur eye is it? what color do u suggest instaed?? Lemme know! I will surely do something abt it!

    @confused soul : MADAME! I am happy u got seduced! :D Yes yes more heat to be felt !;)

    @supernick : vaa daa vaa! :D I am glad u fall for my tamilish expressions :P
    And i keep the length of the post short coz even i get tired of dem soon re! :p the shorter, the better! :)
    aur SHUKRIYA janaab! aap khush hue! isse achi baat aur kya ho sakti hai! :D

  6. Isse achi baat wld b write a sequel to it...!! N soon :) looking forward to it :)

  7. :) sincere apologies, am not a fiction person....thus, i would skip it..however i was here, so thought to let you know..


  8. Lol... Sensual start... erotica following up??
    You got me 'hooked' on... Now dont forget to continue with the story.. take too much time and spark is lost.. know what i mean!?!?

    Nice way to create some stir on a very very lazy sunday!

  9. Have you taken the inspiration from Mills & Boon and Self-Imagination? The prequel to the one that's next is captivating. Await the next part. whatever it is, Let it not take much time for she has to complete her work too. ;)

  10. @spuernick : hahah! i wil come up with that one soon! ;)

    @BB : no problemos CHintu! :) look out for my other posts!
    @Tushar : EROTICA ???oh my my! My blog os 'U' rated :D yes yes! I hope I dnt disappoint u all with the sequel!
    @short poems : welcome to my blog :)
    @kaarthik : OYE! my own imagination! Y CNT U TRUST MY TALENT?? huh????hhahaha and yeah! she has hell lot of stuff to do man! ;)

  11. The relationship between a man and a woman and their chemistry along with the female protagonist's feelings in regard to the guy is magnificently woven with beautiful depiction through careful choice of words, upholding the urban life of today, at the same time opening up a realm of imagination that compels the readers to feel the togetherness and love between the characters'. explicitly Splendid.

  12. @samrat....WOW....ur comment is more enthraling tnah my post! :O THANK YOU fromthe bottom of my heart!

  13. Oooh when did this happen? Where the hell was I lying dead?!

    Nice going girl!! You're creating images in my mind:P Now off to read the next part which hopefully will have some *action* in it :P


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