Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blogging enters my long 'it just hit me' list!

You see I am a very 'sensitive' person (if you have been reading my posts, by now you will know this aspect of 'femininity' in me). But I am still finding it hard to believe that I am INCREDIBLY vulnerable to creativity (no exaggeration in the use of 'incredible')!!!

Me frozen in an impromptu Bharatanatyam 
 pose in front of Srirangam temple
First it was Bharatanatyam. I was alwezzzz thaka dhimi thaa-ing my way to school,back from school, to my room and even to my 3 feet away bathroom
{ I would get up from my diwaan...hop and land on my right heel, bowing towards it with my right hand near it and my left hand thrown up in the air...I swiftly spin and hop onto my right leg covering 2 feet already with a different hand posture. I then excitedly cover the remaining 1 feet distance by again hopping onto my right feet....I end up bumping my right side onto the wall (why don't I ever realize the size of my body???) I quickly crinkle my nose, glancing the adjacent rooms embarrassed if anyone caught me doing the floppy act...I then leap into my bathroom rubbing my arm,close the door slowly and go...'aiyyoooo Ramaaaa' }. So you get the picture.

My handiwork at Mehendi-
the most ingenious artwork of India ever!
Then came along Drawing. Frankly, I was toooooooo good at it ( notice the past tense here)! I believed that I could create an exact copy of what inspired me to draw. And I ended up materializing it! I had them all filed neatly in the polythene flaps of a heavy folder and would flaunt it to every Raam, Shyaam and Balraam (my version of Tom, Dick and Harry)who stayed at my place for more than 10 mins! Just like in Kollywood and Bollywood movies, when everything was going so fine and magical, the villain who had to color my life black had set out! To my disbelief it was my 9 month bearer...Amma! *dissshhhh* She got hysteric when I ignored my exams by taking good care of my 'portfolio'. She SHREAD THEM ALL DOWN to as small as 1.5 mm piece! That was the END of the Akila- The revered artist.
As I am writing this, I am unable to curb my mounting anger on Amma...fume...fume...fume..

Me-The Euphoric singer!
All of a sudden I was being showered with praises from my lovable family and friends for my melodious voice (only and only when I sing)! That was when I realized that Music was a part of my growing up. As its a custom in every Tamil Iyer family to groom their kids in the field of classical dance and music, my parents were no exception to this. I grew up monotonously singing Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa...and back then my Thatha (grandpa) was the only enthusiastic audience (ignoring the fact that he was partially deaf...i.e. up-to 90 %). I took Music seriously after I had decided to become an Architect by profession. JUST MISS! I don't wholly regret it. I am seriously thinking of studying and exploring Carnatic music once I dump my archi college.
In fact my very first post in this blog is about a concert I had attended. Its funny. You will like it.ASSURED.

Smile! Say cheese! *click*. "Woah! Aki ! I have never looked this good in any of my earlier photos! Babe you are truly awesome \m/ "!!! Photography it is! I am au naturel at it. I am not going to talk about how good I am at it. For once let me believe in "action speaks louder than words" quote! The following are the resultant of my action! Here you GO!
These are my most beautiful women in my life...both from inside and outside. 

Blogging. FINALLY coming to my topic! NO. Blogging din't happen to me just like that. It was a conscious effort from my side which later got modified into 'hey this is soooo much fun' feel. These are the very reasons I created a blog.

1. To improve and update my poor vocabulary: I am an average at it. But I am dying to use P.G.Wodehouse-ish words in my blog! I am slow at it. But I will be there. Someday.

2. To cultivate the reading habit: In order to write, you need to read. Especially when you have an audience to read, you just can't afford to write crap. You need to be sensible and believe in what you write.

3. Clears my confused mind: Every article of mine arrives at some or the other conclusion. Be it about my femininity or my never ending arguments with Amma the great or my take on art and culture. It  helps me articulate my thought and re-affirm who I am.

4. Attaining self-realization: I know its toooo big a word to be used on me. But my idea of self-realization isn't about discussing the greatness of Bhagawat Gita or isolating yourself from all creatures and going into a deep meditation (which almost always results in an uncomfortable snoring session). When I read and re-read my posts, I analyze myself through my opinions and take on various aspects of life. I get to observe how much I have matured in a given period of time. I also get aware of all those lines in my post which makes me eat my own shoes. So learning from my very evident mistakes is possible.

5. A motivating wheel: Writing motivates me to immeasurable heights. I am a very slow writer as well as a reader which used to act against me before blogging. But now there is NO STOPPING ME! I am triggered to read everything happening around me. Becoming a follower of innumerable amazing and versatile blogs (I have proudly displayed them all in the right side of my blog under the caption 'They keep me on my toes') has inspired me to a great extent. I also see to it I get inspired and not influenced, though the latter doesn't do much harm.

SO THAT'S ABOUT IT! I already feel closer to all the readers of this post. I bet you would be reciprocating my feelings!  :)


  1. Those are some clicks..and you shared a lot about urself here,....Felt good to read!

  2. hehehe mom tearing up ur drawings.. sorry i am laughing at your expenses :P :P... loved the mehendi and the collage is beautiful too :) :)

  3. @RED HANDED : Your simple line has enough warmth in it lady! :) Glad you acknowledged my post :)

    @SUKUPEDIA: I am happy someone finds that act funny! I am still unable to laugh at it! :/
    And thank you forthe compliments! do keep visiting! :)

  4. Nice pictures and I never thought why I started blogging, I think what you mentioned applies to all of us...


  5. Voila! I loved that Bharatnatyam photograph. If I had my way, I would abolish all the engineering colleges...yes I will. To hell with technology we need hippies and artists in this world, more so when Steve is No more!

    I loved your photographs...keep clicking.... <3


  6. You rock at photography, that much I knew before I read the post even:)
    And the mehendi is au-h-ma-zing. Truly. I'm a beeeg mehendi lover, so you GOT to do it for me when I get married:)

    And your mum tore it all up?! That's so sad:( It should have been preserved:|

  7. @ BLUNT BLOGGER : Hahaha! you seem to revolt agenst a lot of issues in todays world! WOW WOMAN! Thats intimidating! How do you do that so effortlessly??
    ANd YOU loving my clicks...OH MAN! I feel like I got crowned!!! :P

    @PEE VEE: Oh yeshhh! facebook is the culprit aint it? :P AAANNDDDD i would be more than glad to be your appointed mehendi waali and wedding photographer...Trust me. I would capture THE MOST 'i wanna cherish this moment' moments! ;)

  8. @SARU : I think NOW i we all can expect another brilliantly composed poem on why you started blogging! :)
    ANd thanx for the compliments!

  9. that could be an apt kickstart for your upcoming days of blogging :D
    seriously...awesome post!
    tho' i kinda knew abt yo interests already :D

  10. @INDU : aaaaaarrrggghhhh! FACEBOOK gives away everythng! :/ :/ :/
    hahaha but it doesnt tell you a story as my blog does! :)
    And yes! Thank you for dropping by and leavin ur footprints! :)

  11. Nice pictures! Great to see you blogging! You have chosen the right path, now try and stay on it :-)

    BTW, there are a lot of best practices in blogging that you should follow. Ping me on FB and I will let you know :-)

  12. Haha :P :P Raam shyaam and balraam! ;)
    And i could soooo relate to each and everything!.. Coming from a typical Tam bram family, I pretty much went on the sammmeeee path.. Loveddd the pictures!! here and on FB! ;)

  13. @Viya ;)

    hey! u r a TAMBRAM too???? woohhooow! we have too much in common girl!!! we shud do smethng about this thingy! :D

  14. YeS!!!
    Tam brahms!
    Archi students!
    oh man! thats more than enough to even start off the 'similarity' list! ;)

  15. where can i find you in facebook lady????

  16. umm.. you can most of the times find me on my blog ;) !

  17. @Viya ;)
    haha okay okay! i wont stalk you! :D
    i got a lil excited given our common likings :P
    i am frds with pee vee and indu in thot wil expand the blogging circle by adding u too! :)

  18. aw man!! Your so tempting me into jus posting a link onto my FB page so that i can jus add up all my bloggin friends.. but i guess somethin is jus holding me back.. :| ...

  19. @Viya ;)
    hmm..then you should listen to what your heart says :)
    When you are ready for it, send me a frd req in fb. I have shared my fb page in my blog. Untill then! cheers to our profession, blog and TAMBRAM culture! :D

  20. :) :) Yes i shall do that :D :D
    Woohoo! :) ..

  21. Akila...I love this post... the photo's are AMAZING :D ... you still HAVE TO click mine ;) .. hehe... and singing, I've heard so much about you...HAVE TO hear it :D .. and drawings na, these amma's always discourage :P .. I relate to that.. Bharat Natyam was my 1st love too.. and I still do a bit of it whenever I can... This was a great post... Made me smile :)


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