Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A DAY OF ACTION! -------Scene 2

This is a sequel to A LONG DAY. To get into the zone (to be blatantly put---to feel the heat!!!), read the prequel and then the below sequel.

She closed her eyes and found relief. He was poetically slow and gentle. His fingers spoke 'care'. Her shoulders drooped  automatically and she leaned back comfortably in the rotatable chair. It seemed like he was playing a piano and as though he was hitting all the right notes on her shoulders.
"Aahhaaaa! You sure know the art well!", she whispered loudly as she allowed him to relieve her.
"You mean the art of handling a woman???" he asked with a serious tone.
"Ass hole!!!" she giggled and slapped his side thigh of steel. "Massaging isn't an easy job you know. You need to do it the right way. One wrong act and.....", she paused as she noticed that he had stopped massaging. She looked up at him and questioned him with raised eyebrows.
"Oh sorry! I was just wondering how come you effortlessly come up with such interesting topics !"

"Ouch!!!", he screamed and giggled when he felt her painful pinch on his toned arms. 
"Okay I'll shut up! Thank you for that wonderful massage with a touch of sarcasm. Now I'm getting back to work. You go ahead and snore to glory. I'll retire to bed quite late", she said starring at the laptop screen and restlessly opening various folders and files.
He slowly bent down and planted a soft and wet kiss on her sculpted shoulders. A sudden shudder ran through her body and she gripped on to her mouse tighter. This resulted in all the open windows on the screen closing rapidly in succession. 
"Damn!!!", she emoted out of embarrassment and felt like an Idiot. He chuckled. In a low, deep and sexy voice he said, "Now THAT's a good sign!" He moved his hand down towards her hip and felt her flesh as he brushed his cheek stubs against her neck. She closed her eyes tightly, bit her lip to stop herself from smiling as she enjoyed the stirring sensation in her stomach. He was turning her on and HOW!
" You DOG! You aren't helping me at all! Dint you hear me talk about the moronic client and about his ridiculous demands from me? I badly need to get done with this and probably give up on sleep for today", she said with her left hand holding his wrist, stopping his from further fondling her and her right hand caressing his gorgeous locks from the sides. He looked disappointed. His face was perfectly symmetric and expressionless. But she knew. He slowly retrieved his hand from her hip and stood erect. She felt guilty and at the same time helpless.
"Just do me a small favor". She rotated her chair towards him and gave a puzzled look.
"Drink your drug before it gets any colder", he said pointing out to the computer table as he sat on the bed with his legs stretched. With a ridiculed "What?", she turned towards the table and saw the clock display 00:00 hrs. Next to it was a huge mug emitting 'gracefully dancing' threads of steam. All of a sudden the room smelt of 'chai'.
Of course he had 'listened' to my laments. Of course he knew I am a tea addict and only that would help me wake nights. Of course he was 'preparing' chai when I was getting ready to sit with my strenuous work. Of course he 'loves' me!
She got out of the chair and pounced on him making him laugh loud out of ecstasy and shock. She sat on his legs in a rough way and pulled him close to her face by his tee collar. As she saw him smile in a devious way, she made her fingers through his locks and grab them painfully making him roar,"You BITCH!"
"You ain't seen nothing mister!", she whispered in a sexy voice and let their lips clash. The air around them was charged with wilderness and their lips fought a breathless battle. He un-clipped her hair to distract her. But she was no way 'giving in' or 'giving up'! She was brilliantly fighting him and challenging him with her pace and style. He pulled himself back to inhale and exclaimed, "Wohhoow!!! What has gotten into you???" She pulled him back towards her with a sadistic laugh and roared, "Come on! Fight me!", and bit his lower lip hard.

He could feel a thin stream of sweat running down his temple teasing his jaw and distracting him from the most sensuous battle he had ever fought! A bunch of her fragrant hair was swaying and tickling his neck. His mind was racing with unsettling excitement as he was on the verge of losing to her. All of a sudden, the mobile in her tracks vibrated and made her throw herself toward his right on the bed.


Buuahahahahah! My sincere apologies again! Time for a 2 day break my fraaands! Till then, happy chewing nails and sweating out of eagerness and excitement!

Chai - TEA in hindi/tamil
Aiyo kadavule*!I hope my blog would still be rated A/U!

Aiyo kadavule - Oh Lord!


  1. Haha!! Yup you should put up a A sign right on top of the Blog! Lol.. But 'craftily' written, and carefully considered words. Let ur imagination run wild. LITERALLY! :)

  2. The playful nature of the characters' and the chemistry between them, again, transports the readers to an avenue of unimaginable romantic dreamland, shutting out the darkness and drabness of day to day life, making them believe in life all over again and inspiring them to start a new life afresh with renewed vigour, zeal, hope, trust, and above all 'LOVE'. Amazing.

  3. Uffff....!! That was something... N u stopped ?? Just like that...? Damn.. Sensually written.. :) i like the way you have showed the flow of emotions.. It reflects love than lust.. ''She'' has come out too sexy than the previous one..! Naiceeee :):)

    P.S. : i like the way you have added P.S's in the end...!!

    P.P.S : :p

  4. You're leaving this with a 2-day break...akilaaa comeee bacckkkkkkk....finish :D .. the girl is portrayed beautifully... Bold, yet feminine...and the guy is such a sweet heart... aheem this side of you is amazing ;)


    If i was a boy, i would have taken the woman to bed, i tell you!
    And the toned arms of tht boy :P
    I hate chai, but if a man makes poison for me the way this man did, then i will drink even tht :P

    Loved it!!

  6. Oh my. I'm sweating it out here, literally:P Damn you girl:D And get ON with it...fast. No two day breaks and all;D


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