Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I follow ALL / NO religion

I remember quoting my own quote on Facebook a few months ago, to be precise on 11 FEB 2011, 3.52 PM that read,

NEVER try to 'define' GOD.....LOVE....and definitely not ARCHITECTURE!

I still talk this abstract. Manufacturing defect you see.  But enough of it. I have had enough of this eccentric avatar of mine. After a lot of muddled up talks with my clear headed friends and family members, I realised the UGLY TRUTH that most of my beliefs and thoughts are not at all well thought of. There hasn't been enough introspection or contemplation for many of my inferences. It was such a hard hitting reality for me. The 'ego' within me that had been in hibernation mode for years was hesitantly awoken. I finally decided to break down this jargon abstractions to atomic simplicity.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Benevolent Ms.Confused soul

I have earned a fan. Yes. A fan. No I am not being proud. I am just admitting a fact here.
You know for sure that you have earned a fan when each picture of yours on Facebook is viewed, liked and commented with ecstasy. You know for sure that you have earned a fan when you are given utmost attention, the level which you wouldn't have imagined. You 'definitely' know for sure that you have earned a fan when he/she claims to be one every time you strike conversations with them. And hell yeah! You 'confirm' that you have earned a fan when you are awarded more than once for your not so famous blog.
My dear bro...ahem...'hotties' and sisters!
Presenting you, that one fan who isn't tired of me yet---Shreya Zachariah a.k.a  Confused Soul!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The PARADOX that you are to me.

You are my morning cup of tea
and that missing note in my melody.

You are the frame of my picture
and that tiny hole in the fixture.

You are the bloom on my scrubbed face
and that grey hair underneath the dark waves of grace.

You are the teeth that make my smile
and that very tooth that nibbles on my nail.

You are my dark fantasy
and that sharp bitter delicacy.
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