Saturday, November 26, 2011

I bring out the BEST in YOU!

No, I need not be your better half to do that. I can just be a really benevolent, grounded, kind, concerned and caring soul who is interested in inspiring others! In short, I can just be ME! ( Okay stop those fake coughs and loud giggles # ego bruised)
So fellas! I am pretty sure when you own slim and sexy laptops and pay for unlimited internet to blog, comment and watch videos (ahem...of your choice), you must be rich enough to own a digi-camera??? NO? Don't wait till your NRI brother gifts you one you misers! Use your mobile ATM (of corz you DAD) and get sexier!
For those who own one, you are allowed to shriek out loud and post on your fb status bars..." Akila is finally imparting her impeccable photography skills with her crajeee fans!" ( or something on the same lines)

Before commencing my lecture on how to hold the camera, the following are very important points to be noted.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Yet another face of mine fellas :) That's me performing on MY IMMORTAL by EVANESCENCE with my bestie Karthik, an ace guitar player! :)
I feel this would majorly connect me with you all! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

10 things 'I' hate about You

Nasty sis -left;  pretty sis -right. Duh!
Pretty sister: Where did you come from ??? Planet LOSER?
Nasty sister: Oh yes as opposed to planet ‘Look at me! Look at me!”
(I rewind…play…rewind…play…frantically rewind…play…and ROFLMAO !!! )
Ever since I watched ’10 things I hate about you’, I succumbed to Hollywood. Julia Stiles surely did the job! I owe it to you Julia! Such a brilliantly hilarious yet casual yet intimate yet exhilarating yet senseless yet addictive movie shouldn’t be just watched, laughed and forgotten about unless it is timely played as one among the 10 mundane collections of movies on Sony Pix. It should inspire you and linger in your mind and body for a while.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The DEVIL that the mind is!

She sat there twirling her hair strand looking at him from the corner of her eye. A bright pink figure hugging tee that flaunted her waxed shoulders completely, a short denim skirt that stopped right below her buttocks and a high fake leather brown boots; she was a perfect 10. None could have resisted gawking at her that day. And there he was, sitting quietly, sipping on his cup of steaming coffee and reading the sports page in the newspaper. She was desperate for his attention. For the first ever time she was insecure about her looks.
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