Sunday, September 11, 2011

The TESTING times...and the HAPPY endings!

Akila!!!???!!! Bright, lively, merry, spreading love everywhere, too much fun., insanely ringing laughter, very real, such a chatterbox, very versatile, etc etc etc.... YES... I am most of the times all of the above. But hey come on! No homosapien is spared of the ugly side of life...That side which hits you when you are just not ready...That side that can make your world upside down...That side that can steal away all the light in your life and put you in pitch darkness. YES. I am a victim of that too. And I have had my share of moments where I desperately needed someone to just hold hands with me and converse with me through 'silence'.

But you know people are mostly never available when they are most needed. Not to blame them. I have always had problems expressing my dark side to the world. I have never intentionally hid them under the reason that ' I dont want to burden people with my worries' and any such kind of bullshit. Its just a problem which i could never overcome.
Thats when I decided that instead of wasting my time in lamenting and brooding over them, I better find a way out to brighten pull up my staggering spirits and manifest the first line of my post. So the following are the ways that have really helped me in the toughest of times.

1. Reading and re-reading my autograph book : 
NOTHING in this world can make you sour in the air just by sitting at one place, the way praises coming from your friends can. The funny nicknames they call you by, the silly writing of '100' as their phone number, the cheesy 'East or west, you are the best' quotes and how they feel about you that usually ends their autograph journey with you...they all make you feel way too special in a very upfront way.

2. Going through my photography work:
I seriously own some 'commendable' collection of clicks that are evergreen. You know...ICONIC! These pics have majorly impressed me to such an extent that even if the much revered 'Raghu Rai' bullshits them, i would 'blaaaah' him! Yes. They make my day. I go...."Waaaah! Akila! Chanceyyy illa di!!!" ( Literally translated as 'You are chanceless'- err.. that shouldn't be taken literally...It conveys the message- you are ultimate).

3. Singing my flawless collection of songs:
Now see this can be a lil risky. This works 'only and only' if I sing them as flawless as ever. Even if they are 0.999999999 % below my level, then nothing can retrieve me from the deepest of depressions any sooner! (err...well actually POINT 1 can). And if I do maintain my mettle, then nothing can control my 'unbound' pride at least for the rest of the day!

4. Watching my very own unique collection of college videos:
Most of them have me 'making a fool of myself'.They always end me up in a very critical position---highly cramped stomach. They seriously flaunt the fun side of me and make me believe that 'this is who I am!'. In a moment I jump back on my feet and dance around in my messy room (Sometimes even my mom has to dance around to approach me in my room due to the various architectural objects lying on the floor).

5. Starting and maintaining my blogs:
This by far has been 'the most' creative and constructive way of pulling my spirits high. Writing is something that I never knew I could be an 'average at'...fuh-get being 'good at'! I started writing them for myself. In order to 'etch' my wandering thoughts and regulate them. Also I have always taken a 'conscious' effort of making them evergreen so that I should not be in such a position where I would be forced to 'put up' with my posts.

So YES. All the above points assert the strength and the reality in me which is more than enough to repel the negative vibes. These steps make me feel very independent. Such independence is hard to achieve (oh! here I go! all praises of myself!). So fellas! I suggest, you all should find your own ways of making your lives better. Dont wait for another person to enter your life and color them! None but YOU know when and how and with which color to paint your life.

P.S : I would be really glad if reading my blog has any positive effect on your mood! If so, do let me know!


  1. WOW !!!!!!!!super akila.......way to go...i am going to dig that autograph album of mine and make myself happier ..if thats pocble

  2. @kals : Extremely glad that my post charged you up! :)

    @anaghaa : Nandri! :P


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