Friday, September 2, 2011


As the shimmering rays awaken her in slow pace,
a smile adorns her delicate face...
oblivious of the events of her past night
and what she brought home before twilight.

As her eyes carefully open,
 reality stabs her like a weapon.

"Oh sweet Lord...I cant feel him besides me...
He is gone...just like that...
without a word...without a promise..."

"The moment I kissed you,
you knew I had lost myself to you...
As I lead you nervously to my place,
you followed me like a faithful dog...
I doubted my moves but I believed yours...
I believed that each one of it spoke 
something deep..."

"And now you desert me, just when i realized love...
But I am not going to let that shatter me.
You chose timidity to escape and cut loose,
But I shall find the right way 
to drive away these blues..."


  1. this is lovely !! You express so well.. Love love... and the photo's are kick-ass :D

  2. @confused soul:

    Aaaahhh ! thanks a ton for acknowledging and appreciating! Its a tremendous motivation to me! :) And the 'kick-ass' photos are all by me :) Of course half the credits go to my best fr turned model too! :P

    haha keep visiting sweetheart !

  3. Aha! Nice nice it's up on your blog!

  4. Kya baat hai! Kya baat hai! You have many alternative career options like Architect, Photographer, Poet, Content/Copy Writer! Kalakkare Rukku XD

  5. @kaarthik : hahaha dai mapla! after all u missed SINGER! wil never ever forgive u for this!!!!


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