Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The shudders of PARENTHOOD

Mom 'losing her shirt' on me! 

"Do what you want! If you wanna come home, come home! Otherwise stay back at her place and give us some mental PEACE !!!" ...keeeeeen.....keeeeen.....keeeeeen...the telephone replied.... :/ :/ :/
I gave a blank look at Swats to my left and a helpless one at Katty to my right. One took my right hand and the other placed an 'understanding' hand on my shoulder...Sigh!!! "WHAT WOULD LIFE BE WITHOUT FRIENDS???", was what in my mind the next moment. Simultaneously, All the three of us broke the unbearable pause with our 3 differently pitched 'hyuk hyuk hyuk'!!! I carelessly fell on Katty's lap and relaxed my feet on Swats'. "Why the hell would she not hear me out before YANKING'!!!", I said while heaving a quick and intense 'sigh'!  
"Babes...You will know when you are in their shoes", came the reply from my 'feet bearer'. I looked at her with a crooked smile and rubbished, "yeah rite Aunty!". She spontaneously pulled my little toe and made me squeal. 
"I would be a very understanding mother. I would be my child's best friend! That way, they wont have any problems with me!", meowed Katty in her incredibly low and sweet voice and happy eyes. 

So who is a parent? How do we define them? They have seriously confused us by being very versatile in their behavior. God, guide, friend, teacher, 'never-understanding' yankers, 'it is my duty' tellers, 'extremely nosy' creatures, foretellers etc etc etc.  Why do we love them? Just because we were born out of their union? Is it like a 'karma' we are doing by bearing and living with them? Too many questions popped in my head at a time and was pressurizing my inner surface of my skull! ANd the following is a reflection of my thought process.

A male and a female 'cross' for two reasons.
1. Unexplainable pleasure
2. To produce offsprings in order to avoid extinction.

After a successful bombarding of that one lucky sperm onto the fertile egg, a new life is born and flourishes within the woman's womb for a period of 9 months. After a very painful and 'almost' fatal delivery, there is one new 'one of a kind' creature added to the already bustling earth. 

All is the same and fine between animals and man 'until' here! 

Here on, the outlook towards raising the baby and its purpose goes HAYWIRE!
What do the animals do? They feed, care, protect and nurture them up till a particular age. And then they are on their own! LIVE FOR YOURSELF NOW is what they do! They hunt, eat, escape, scar, kill, mate, fear, sleep. 'Obviously' we do not lead such a life because of our 'sixth'sense which forces us to evolve in many dimensions. BUT HEY! The whole problem is not because of this 'extra' sense BUT emotion which is very much familiar among the animals too! Then why do we let this one 'entity' influence each others life?
So taking all the above points into consideration I tried to define a parent.

A parent is a one who is responsible for 
the existence of his child. He shall be responsible for the upbringing of his child and provide him with basic necessities in order to 'live'. As he matures, the parent shall impart values and knowledge from various experiences he has encountered in his life. He should LET his child ponder over it and cultivate a self-thinking ability. 
He should LISTEN to what his child has to say and feels about his parent's teachings. He should induce the thought of 'living' in him.

Once the last step is 'firmly' taken care of, nothing should matter. They are on their own then. They might grow up into a 'thug' or a 'saint'. What they become will never be the parent's responsibility once he relieves his child from his jurisdiction. All the unnecessary 'society issues' would never come up if every individual evokes this 'animal instinct' in him. This would be the most righteous and a free way to live life. 

I carefully parked my scooty in the demarcated parking area and started wiping away the rain droplets settled on my hands while driving. I was half wet and was prepared with a convincing reason if she 'loses her shirt' on me for accentuating the chances of a viral attack. As I entered home stealthily with my mind full of ready answers, I caught a glimpse of Amma and Appa intently watching Kaun Banega Crorepati in the corner of my eye. I put up a non-nonchalant body language and headed towards my room at my own pace. After about 10 mins, Amma came in with a flask and handed it to me. "Its filled with hot water with a spoon of turmeric powder mixed to soothe your croaking throat. Oh! You have opened your laptop already. So I reckon you are going to wake the whole night? Good. The flask will come in handy." As she casually exited the room, My mind loudly expressed, "Amma. I love you. Please be with me forever."


  1. "Sau baat ki ek baat" Her simple gesture was succinct enough to define what a "Parent" meant. :)

  2. @karthik : Wow. You put it so well! :)

  3. I got 3 things to say:

    1. You think way too much.
    2. Your mom is awesome. Tell her I said so.
    3. Up till is spelt as 2 different words.

  4. @anaghaa : My replies to your 3 things

    1. I love that in me. I am not doing anything to control that!
    2. My mom knows you are crazy about her.
    3. Yes mam! I will def do something about that!


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