Saturday, September 3, 2011

The day the POET in me was born!

2000 A.D. - It was the era of creative explosion in my life. It was raining Philosophy. I was so drenched in it that I became vulnerable to 'deep thinking'. Suddenly everything around me had an allegory attached to it.
A pencil and eraser would become an enemy and a friend respectively..(In case you dint figure that out, an enemy tries to make dark marks in your life while a friend is the one who perspires to erase them all...I KNOW...dont ask...) All of a sudden the 'chatterbox' in me went into hibernation mode and I switched myself to 'I see things differently' mode. That was when I chose WRITING as a medium. Writing wasn't 'catchy' enough for me. In order to make myself go through them again and again, I desperately tried to make them sound poetic. Seriously I was never a natural at that! Some times I was terrific and MOST of the times I ended up NOT conveying the message in the quest to make the words rhyme.

So my dear fellas...Here are a few 'bearable' ones I don't mind sharing with and tickling you ( I am sure this is soooo gonna happen).

(Oh! I was sensible enough to realize that)

The morning sun rises amongst the dreamy clouds....
Scattering its golden sharp and focussd rays on the whole of the rugged earth
It wakes us up and makes us smile...
It shows us how merry and bright one can be like it.
As it lights up the whole of our room,
showing a clear way to walk!

As we perform our various duties that are short lived,
It does its only duty of shining upon us till the afternoon...
When it gets tired of its duty, it askes the help of its dearest frd,
which is dressed up in purity to shower its silver rays upon us... is the moon...which does its part of duty wen the sun takes rest...

P.S - I wouldn't blame you if you got reminded of me every time you have a moon lit romantic dinner.


We tend to prove ourselves to the world,
to show that we were born for a reason.
In the process we lose ourselves to the extent that 
we forget our negative impact on the surroundings

we create solutions for our problems which
create problems for the environment
later we realise and solve the problems of environment
causing a complicated life for ourselves.

On the other hand, there are creatures,
who have succeeded in satisfying themselves and the environment,
and though we put ourselves at the apex of the pyramid,
we end up envying the lives of the other creatures.

P.S - The irony here is, I just did my share of lamenting.


Even the wisest of people are fooled
for they believe that the other side of lawn is greener...
Life is a monstrous mirage full of non-existing colors.
People appear to be happy for they never are!
We find reality in sadness as it is the true emotion
Sadness can not be faked.
Knowing the fact that one is sad, 
yet seeing the brighter side is a perfect human,
for we donot believe in
who is complaining??? 

P.S- Did anyone notice that even though none of it rhymed, I had structured it as a poem? 
Also...I cannot believe I was such a pessimist! SHOCKER!


When God created the world,
he had to create creatures,to do justice to nature,
So he created 3 types of species...
Male, female and EUNUCH.
Males' major job was to work for families,
Females' major job was 2 take care of the family,
and what was left 4 the EUNUCHS?
Taking them into consideration,
One should be very proud to have them among the humans.
They have to perform the functions of both; a male and a female!
But because of the ignorance of the society,
they r being eliminated, turning their lives into a nightmare!
They shud be the most respectable humans!
hence GOD has committed a crime...

He should have made every one a EUNUCH!
So that people would be proud of themselves!

P.S. - Dint I mention earlier about the 'seeing things differently' mode? Yup this is it!
Also...Any kind of controversies this 'piece of great work' stirs, please hold the 17 yr old Akila responsible. NOT ME.


Evolution -a process of development,
is what it means...
Every creature has evolved into something along the years...
But man.....
Apes evolved into man....
Something that has happened, shouldn't have happened...
When God decided 2 plant brain..He chose the HUMANS...amongst all...
He thought that human beings are the best species He ever created
and they wud handle the job perfectly...
When man realised that its the BRAIN that distinguishes him from the rest,
instead of using it in a right way, he started 2 play with it!
Its high time that God realises his mistake and rectifies it.
He better choose a better species to whom he can give this priceless and immortal gift!

P.S. - I have some nerves of steel to actually find God culpable. Also, I observe that this is the second time I am putting down the human race. A perfect depression pill!

I guess I cant take anymore of this now. Its high time I voluntarily end this era and might as well do some good to my followers! :| :| :|


  1. Nice poems...blogs...Keep rocking. Best wishes to you. I will get an autograph from you the day we meet.

  2. very nice :) :) never knew you could write so wel :)

  3. @gayathri : autograph! please! i have listed the blogs that are an inspiration to me. Please chck them and re think about getting my autograph! :D Please keep visiting! your comments wil alwez be a motivation to me! :)

  4. @pradeep: thanks da! so glad you acknowledged my blog! :)

  5. hey...gud one luvin it...:) intha small mandaikulla ivlo brain ah...???

  6. @ganu : hahaha athu manufacturing defect! onnum panna mudiyaathu! :D Thanks for going through it Ganu! You comment means a lot to me! :)

  7. Very interesting Akila, In ancient days Eunuchs were sometimes employed to guard the Royal women. Best thoughts in nice poem. Well done!!!


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