Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ANGST of a Woman

WOMEN-difficult to understand,
aren't they?
Ha!very easy to give up,
much to our dismay!

What is so difficult
can you males explain?
when we women express
our minutest of pleasantaries and pain!

Weak one may think that we are,
and thats the advantageous disadvantage for you all!
But proud are we to prove that,
we are emotionally stable and never let our strength fall!

Forgive us if we blame you for eve-teasing,
we would hate to ruin your pastime!
But if a woman gets questioned for her early loss of virginity,
we never find the man behind this crime!
Reservations in  bus, reservations in trains,
why! reservations even in education we get!
but I think it should go well with you men,
for we blame you for those cheap stares we never forget!

'Grow up' is what we ask from you men,
not muscular but in thought!
Don't respect women and put yourself down!
and thats the way you shall survive not!!!

P.S : This poem was a spontaneous explosion and an after effect of a very sickly incident I experienced while travelling in the train. Even after 12 months, I still stand by each word of it. 


  1. Very Honest and Liberal. Well, men arent far away from sexual exploitation - India recognizes homosexuals. :D

    I know what you are aiming at and have myself done a post on Indian Culture which slightly brushes this topic. You may wanna link it.

    All i would say is that this isnt what our culture teaches. Its the ugly face of westernization.

  2. @truth chariot! i pity u guys esp after the legalization of SECTION 377! :P Jokes apart...i am not against men. I have some real gems in my life. But I had to get out this burning frustration within me! so my blog took the brunt! :P
    Thanks for dropping by and defending me!


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