Sunday, September 11, 2011

MUMBAI and its new tag

'BOMB BLAST at DELHI. Mumbai on high alert. IAC Mumbai condemns this dastardly attack.Postpones all its street activities. Please help authorities. Jai hind'.

The message caught my attention for not more than 3 seconds. I looked up and observed the surroundings. A local train had just dropped an unruly bunch of people..A family had settled comfortably on the platform and were 'laughing out loud' over lunch. There were a couple of 'rowdies' and 'corporate guys' (out-beating the number of rowdies) hastily crossing the tracks and jumping onto the platform. From the arched exits of the station, I could easily see the street 'bustling' with its regular activities. People were still bumping into each other in a hurry to board the trains and some were blocking the street regulation by communicating with the hawkers.
I looked down and read the sms again. I let out a sarcastic chuckle and said to myself....

Mumbai - fast life, paav bhaaji, economical capital of the country, golas, open to PDAs, independence, glitz and glamour...and now...a fine target for bomb blasts...


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