Friday, December 14, 2012

Let Us Be.

Love is a necessity. Its probably one of those 'I don't know why but I need it' kind of a thing in our lives. But how needy can one get that it completely over shadows the other silly-cute-small beautiful things that happen at every moment in one's life? Why are we blinded for that one desperate moment? Its unforgivable to allow ourselves to let one of the many kinds of desperation to take over us so much that we miss those priceless irreplaceable happy moments that we encounter everyday.

I find love all around me. I do not want to sound spiritual or self-realised but then though I am neither yet, I honestly do. I feel the love when a dog wags its tail at me. I feel the care when a tenderly leaf settles on my shoulders from a tree far above. The breeze constantly kiss me with concern. Trust me I am not being romantic here. I am being me. Just the usual me. At any given point of time. Okay enough about me.

I am no one to preach about love. But I definitely know how one can be happy when one is or isn't in love. There is nothing deep or profound to talk about it. But depth and profoundness is how it begins, only to find that its the most uncomplicated and liberating things that can happen to you. Love is the only cure for the kind of world we are living in right now. It has always been 'the' cure. Love is best felt when there is a lot of 'giving' involved with absolutely nil expectations. Its the toughest of things to agree to, but when one is involved in this divine act, one would realise this is the only way to feel free; free of burden, free of unnecessary thoughts, free of wanting and free of endurance. 

Love is an experience. It always ensures happiness. If it hurts us, then we are to be blamed. Its because we expect something out of it. Its because we depend on someone else too much to make us happy that we can't continue the way we are when they leave us all on our own without a warning. Its because we never love ourselves enough to sustain for long. Its because we cannot accept people for who they truly are. Its because we are greedy for love. Its because we 'want' it. 

Love need not always be associated with romance. Love is only minutely different from devotion. Love stays when there is faith, when there is no mind work and when there is a willful surrenderance.

 Let us stop thinking. Let us give ourselves the love that we all deserve. Let us let love answer the door to all the problems in our lives. Let us acknowledge love from every possible entity around us. Let us be. Just be. 

The picture and the quote are by me.

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