Monday, July 16, 2012

SHE is the MAN!

Everytime you reach that milestone you have set for yourself and are just about to bask in glory, you come across someone who has done it all and is calm about it. I mean, whats their problem? Why do they have to intimidate us so much? Yen? Kyun? Why? Ahem. *drinking jillu thanni*#tamizh

Well this post is all about that one woman in my life, who would give any man, a competition in the highest degree of masculinity. She is THE man. She is SHARADHA.
Sharadha Sridharan- my sister (2nd cousin). A rowdy daughter of Mr. Sridharan, one of THE most soft spoken, loving and gullible father I have ever come across in my life. She is busy giving exams for CA and has the b...ahem, 'guts' to take time out for her unexplainable passion for the man's game - CRICKET. She has even been on TV and has given a very heart melting interview on women's cricket. I had a tough time battling with her attitude and convincing her to let me interview her. I had to edit it a dozen times to make it sound formal and delete all the 'swear' words she used while replying to my very genuine kossins (questions). Here you go!

When did you develop interest in cricket?

I used to watch a lot of matches since childhood; almost since when I was 3. I used to play amongst guys in streets from the age of 10. I slowly developed a keen interest and felt a strong urge to play for a team at a higher level.

When did you decide to take it to the next level?

Only after I joined college did I discover a women’s cricket team. This seemed as an open invitation to me. My seniors such as Thirushkamini who has represented India helped me develop as a player by giving me enough opportunities to play in college matches.  

When did you get the first opportunity to play at a higher level?

I was 17 when I got my first chance to represent Tamil Nadu in the ‘Under 19’ category. The matches were held in Andhra Pradesh at Ananthpur. I felt extremely proud and elated that I have started living my passion literally.

Tell me about your first achievement in cricket.

That came along when I played for the University Of Madras in Gwalior. I took 6 wickets for 18 runs. Till date, this performance remains close to my heart. We eventually won that match.

Which one are you best at? Batting/bowling/fielding?

I love fielding but I am naturally good at batting. Bowling always comes last.

What have your parents to say about this passion of yours?

They have been unbelievably supportive throughout. What moved me a lot was they did not say a word when I missed my CWA inter exams for the sake of State matches held at Goa for 10 days. I am planning to write them this June.

Tell me about your academic background.

I am a Commerce graduate pursuing ACS and ICWA. I have completed ACS inter. I am very much looking forward to completing both of them successfully at least before 40!

So thats about it. I got an unexpected chance to photoshoot her with her equally rowdy team mates in action. Check out the TIGRESS CLUB.

P.S: This is one of the new ventures I have taken up. I interview people who do what they love in spite of their mundane professional life. It inspires me to never give up on my passion(s) in life. See you all soon with my next post :)

P.S.S: Jillu thanni - chill water


  1. Very nice to read about SHARADHA.
    Good job keep posting such interviews we will get to know many such talented dedicated people!

  2. You have a weird family! (in a good way) and put up more interviews no, I love biographies!
    And best of luck to Sharadha!


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