Saturday, February 25, 2012

Benevolent Ms.Confused soul

I have earned a fan. Yes. A fan. No I am not being proud. I am just admitting a fact here.
You know for sure that you have earned a fan when each picture of yours on Facebook is viewed, liked and commented with ecstasy. You know for sure that you have earned a fan when you are given utmost attention, the level which you wouldn't have imagined. You 'definitely' know for sure that you have earned a fan when he/she claims to be one every time you strike conversations with them. And hell yeah! You 'confirm' that you have earned a fan when you are awarded more than once for your not so famous blog.
My dear bro...ahem...'hotties' and sisters!
Presenting you, that one fan who isn't tired of me yet---Shreya Zachariah a.k.a  Confused Soul!
(strangely she seems to be very clear about being my eternal fan).
The angel that she is, she decided to pull my 'lower than grasshoppers knee' spirits up by awarding me with such a prestigious award in blogosphere equivalent to "Bharata Ratna"---

 I am sure she had a tough time choosing my blog as one of the 10 she thinks as deserving enough. I am also sure that she isn't biased towards me just because I am a South Indian. (Shreya! See? I told you they won't realise it!). I now add this to my AWARD ROOM.

"As a dutiful citizen of blogosphere, I shall religiously follow the rules vested upon me with acceptance of this award."

It states, 
  1. Post the award the rules on your blog.
  2. List 3 things you would change if you were overlord.
  3. List 10 blogs you think are worthy of world domination.
  4. Leave them a message in their comments section with a link saying you chose them.                       
 1. I have already done that.

 2. '3' things I would change if I were an Overlord. 

As this award is restricted to the field of blogging, I would exercise my power judiciously. Here they are!
  • I would switch souls with Kalpak Bhinde for a day and earn as many fan followers as possible for my humor, poop humor and humour (with a 'u') --- not necessarily in that order.
  • I would hack Indi Blogger and other blogger communities and rate myself the highest with the least number of posts.
  • I would kidnap Chintan for a day and torture the blog world with her absence unless you all  increase my number of followers to '999 only.'
*Rubbing my palms with great satisfaction* That was judicious enough, wasn't it?
 3. '10' blogs I think are worthy of world domination.

Hey I am the Overlord! I can back out of this! No? Okay stop 'booing'. How kiddish! Don't blame me! You asked for it!

  1. RED HANDED :  Daringly humorous blog highly maintained by a hot, arrogant, mysterious, fertile woman. Ooooh la la la! Please some one remind me I am a woman! Oh yeah she is a South Indian too. Ahem...just saying!
  2. BLUNT BLOG :  Dhaam! Dhoom! Slap! Kick! Baam! Need I say more? I warn you. Do not step into her world unless you are assertive about having zero ego! She can get you with her 'no-nonsense' nature or touch you with her out of this world thoughts. In any case, trust me. she is INTENSE!
  3. SENSLESS SENSE OR SENSIBLE NONSENSE?:  Is she kidding me? She has intentionally jumbled up the truth! Its full of sensible sense! Be it fiction, be it a rant, be it mock or be it 'random'! She imparts sense to almost everything! 
  4. WORDS:  Her poems are as simple and vast and deep as her blog name. She has won over thousands of hearts with her effortlessly woven emotions and words. Her husband has every right to feel insecure and possessive of her. PERIOD.
  5. NOISES OF MY EMPTY VESSEL:  I do not understand why these 'full of grey matter' people always like to disguise themselves as 'empty headed' Zonkers! Of course blondes are attractive but seriously? What a wanna be blonde! Nevertheless. When I am at his blog, either I go mute after crossing 20,000 Hz of loud laughter frequency beyond which it becomes ultrasonic and inaudible to a human ear OR I sit there in awe at this 'writer avatar' in him. Oh yeah I also tend to exercise my kidneys and intestines promptly after reading his posts, thanks to his intricate details of his poop in every second post of his.
  6. SERENDIPITY:  Choice of words! Choice of words! Choice of words! Her posts have such a pleasant touch to them. They mostly revolve around day-to-day events in a common man's life yet you would read it because you want to be re-told in an angelic way. Just like how we would never get sick of hearing stories from our grandma (No I am not referring to her as a grandma. Just saying.)
  7.  CONFESSIONS OF THE CHOCOLATE OBSESSED:  I clearly do not see why this blog would need any description by me. I was clearly late in discovering her blog. Any which ways. If my words give any boost to her writing skills, then here goes. Each post of her is 'a lesson to be learnt' piece coated with chocolate. She never fails to receive less that 50 "Hershey's kisses" per post. Mush, heart break, realisation, survival, love, tips and what not? She is a master of all genre.  

The above are the blogs I feel that are meant to dominate the world! The following are what I feel you should hit at all times! They give you best of companies at any time of the day.

  1. a. THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP:  He can be a real charmer. WOMEN! Hold on to something anchored or he would sweep you off your feet!
    b. A WALK ACROSS THE BRIDGE:  She is a shocker. Her posts are mini-literary pieces. Most of them appear to me as songs that can be sung with a guitar. Brilliant choice of words I must admit. Some are really heavy to be relished over a cup of tea while others are breezy and comforting. I conclude that she has a beautiful and pure heart.
  2. PIXEL BUFFET:  His quality pictures speak volumes about his 'I cant help it' talent. I am personally a huge fan of his post processing techniques. He has evolved a long way and keeps getting better at lightning speed!
  3. COLOUR SOOT:  Her posts are 'freshness' exemplified. She lets you connect with her in person by taking you through her 'most favourite' list of everything. After I read her take on THE FOUNTAINHEAD, I officially got addicted to every other post of hers.
4. I shall do that right away! 

 P.S: I was extremely tempted to include my photo blog and music blog in the 'dominant' list. Then I felt. hey! These two are par standards. Those are all 'jujubee' #tamizh

P.S.S: Jujubee - funny senseless colloquial word for 'ordinary' (:P)


  1. Hey, I am actually the first person who said I am fan of your work. Check the comment section of your blog, if you forgot...

    And, it is such a fun post. I mean no doubt who have won the bharat ratna but I can give you Oscar in foreign category for writing such an entertaining post. Congrats and humbled to receive the nomination, oops domination...:)

    1. Awww Saru! You sure are! :D But shreya acclaimed it before you :D hehehe! and i think it was her chance to be in the limelight this time! :) I LOVE YOU dearest! :)

  2. :)

    :D And yeah, please kidnap me. I need some good photographs <3

  3. I am stealing your labels idea! mine are moved to the top as well..

    1. haha! good photos! so now its mutually beneficial! :D
      And 'you' stealing my idea is an honour!:)

  4. Thankyou so much my girl! And I liked the tern arrogant you used for me..also Fertile! Hehehehehehehehehehe! Babes, just cant thankyou enough. I am gonna force some kisses on to you!

  5. Oiii I'm back.. and what a cute post... thank you so much my bomb.. I was in cloud 9 and rising higher and higher.. shoot I don't wanna fall with a thud.. great answers woman.. I like :D

    And the description you gave everyone is perfect :D

    1. my rapchickkk item!!!!!! hahah was waiting for your comment!!! How was the trip?? hope you are loaded with pictures now!!!

  6. haha :D This was one entertaining post :)
    Thank You for awarding me :) More stories coming up your way :)

  7. Congratulations!! :) Keep winning more such awards!! :)

  8. Congrats on the fan :) You sure Shre ain't a stalker? :P

    *takes a bow*
    So honored that you thought of me:)
    And 50 on every post? It's like 25 actual comments and 25 of my replies :|

    1. I wudnt mind a stalker either! esp a female one! kinda kinky! :P ok I stop here! :P

      and dont crib now! you ungrateful woman! :|

    2. @ Akila, not cribbing :P 50 just sounds too huge :D

      @ A, YOU don't talk re, you get an actual 50 on every post :P

  9. Wow! That's the nicest thing that anyone has ever said about me. I mean it. I was lazing around (as usual)and after reading your comment, felt guilty about my slothfulness and shot a couple of pics (after ages, I guess). Thanks a lot for your kind words.
    PS: You deserve a big, fat lunch. Please make sure I buy it for you whenever I'm in Mumbai next time.

  10. heyyyy....this was soooo feel-good yaar...thank u so very much :) cant thank u enough for this.

    and i am tryin hard to shrug off the poop tag that has stuck on me ;)

    thanks again.

    1. hahha! yes you better shrug off that tag man! :D
      ANd yeah resurrect your blog soon!

  11. Thankyouthnakyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

    Sorry, excitement mein i forgot to put spaces. :P

    Yayyyyyyyyyyy!! Thanks a lot babe. :)

  12. omg! Thank you de! And congrats!

    aiyo you! Fountainhead review ah? why child!
    I'll have to edit it now! ;)

    Aand love the description of my blog! I didn't realise I was listing too many fav stuff on it! thank you!

  13. Also, love the header of this blog! :) Such a nice picture!!

    1. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh ! yesh milady! I feel so too! ;)

  14. Late as usual.. but finally :) thanks a bunch dai..!!! am honoured :)

    1. NO PROBLEME CAPTAIN! :D As they say, "better late than never"! :)

  15. congrats on the fan and a wonderful mix of blogs there

    1. :) thanks for acknowledging my blog Sujatha! A very warm welcome and stay here :)

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