Sunday, January 29, 2012


25 NOVEMBER 2010

Looks like tiny pores on a blanket of mysterious blue,
Blinking helplessly as if stuck in place with glue.
Natures miracles they say...its true I say...
How can such a simple composition be a beauty?
My mind intrigues thinking of the Almighty!
Looks so blank but takes my breath away,
they make my past, present and future fade away...
Are we all born only to admire such wonders?
They make us realise that we are still invisible in spite of achieving the impossible!
We might reach the skies and break the barriers set by nature...
but these stars...can we ever near them?
So distant yet radiant...
This proves the obvious hypothetical existence of a power GOD...

Not much have I changed since 2010. But I do not believe in the theory of 'GOD' as much as I did when I penned this down. I have been taking that word for granted. So if at all I would change anything about the poem, it would be the use of GOD here. I typed this in my mobile at around 11 pm, while I was lying on a bed of crab grass and staring blankly at the sky.

P.S: I am in such a phase of life, where none of my thoughts conclude anything. They all have a fierce start and stop abruptly in the middle of nowhere, hanging in space helplessly. All of them have loose ends. Hence such deafening silence in my blog.

P.S.S: My photo blog is active though. Do drop by and check out my recent works. I recently resurrected my music blog too. Care to understand my other world? :)


  1. I loved it! I can never arrange my lines in a rhyme. You've seemingly got a knack. Keep writing. :)

    1. I was in zone that day! :) If you ask me to write one now, I would be doodling with the pen :D

  2. so beautiful Akila.

    And true, that phase is weird. I am in one of those Phases too. I seem to changing or whatevering and my thoughts, I need to get used to them.

    Nice Akila. :)

  3. Too deep for me right now. But beautifully written.

    1. Afetr a while you have made an appearance in my blog! :D YAY! :P

  4. Replies
    1. your world seems to be very complex.. simple mind, simple stuff gives you lots of happiness.. just like a kid :)

    2. oh yes! :) My world is simple. My mind is complex :) You are right.

  5. Deep! I don't think it's apt for me now though.

    Btw you've been awarded on my blog :)


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